One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks so much to Barbara at March House Books who has awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award. if you’ve never read her blog, then you should! I think her tagline describes the content well: Celebrating children’s literature, book illustrations,  vintage books, the life of a book dealer, fetes, medieval pageants & other bits and bobs.

Here are the rules:

Include the blog award logo in your post
Thank the person who nominated you
Provide 7 random facts about yourself
Nominate 7 other blogs, and let them know you have done so

So, seven random facts….

1. I am currently addicted to Calpico, which I got a taste for at the Japanese fesitval:

I am drinking the lychee right now

2. I also have a nail polish addiction (which I usually fall back into when I am writing  lot)

yes, I like pink 🙂

3. I love rainy days

splashing in the puddles

4. I have no concept of time and so much wear a watch or else I am completely lost (My watch also tells me what day it is, thank goodness)

it’s pink!

5. It took 90 DVDs to back up my computer files

it took 12 for book covers alone.

6. I can actually cook but I am a bit lazy about it

breaded pork chops and twice baked potatoes

7. My house is an interesting ecosystem

cat and turtle sharing food

And now for my nominations!

(Bonus interesting fact – I can’t count, LOL!)

Now off to format the Special Editions – fun times!

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  1. I never would have taken you for pink…

  2. lccooper

     /  September 14, 2012

    That’s really cool, Jo. Congratulations to you – you’ve certainly been hard at work this year crafting your total package. Way to go! Take care, LC

    LC Cooper, author of: Christmess Diary of a Reluctant Vampire Legacy Man Cave Simmering Consequences The Voices of Cellar’s Bridge “Barefoot Homecoming” “Dan’s Accidental Convertible” “Halloween’s Perfect Storm” “Of Yellow Snow and Christmas Balls” “One Lousy Wish” “There Was a Knock at the Door”

    Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 21:54:41 +0000 To:

  3. Wow Jo thank you!!!!! I’m really thrilled to be nominated!!
    I have to say I’m very impressed by those nails! 😀

    • You’re very welcome! I keep waiting for that thumbnail to snap off. i know it’s only a matter of time. It’s never lasted this long before!

  4. Loved all your answers and ‘photos! I’m also envious of those fabulous pink nails!

  5. Thank you again for nominating me! 🙂 I totally agree with you on the rainy days. And I’ve never tried Calpico – I may have to track some down. 🙂

    • It’s quite tasty! It has kind of a yogurty flavor going on because it’s made with milk. The Lychee was good, though I haven’t made it to the strawberry or mango yet…

  6. Thank you so much Joleene – you are an absolute star!!

    I just LOVED your 7 facts and the photo’s that went with them. I don’t think I have ever seen a response that original and interesting before. I especially enjoyed the comment that you have no concept of time – my favourite pastime is being on holiday and not having to worry about what day of the week it is or whether it is morning or afternoon!

    • You’re very welcome 🙂 the sad thing is that in the wintertime when it gets dark early I sometimes wake up at 6 and am not sure if it is morning or night at first, LOL!

  7. Joleene, you are so funny! I loved the pics, and thank you for the nomination. I will get it done. lol 90 DVDs. I’m still laughing. And I thought I was bad about my files.

  8. YOU ROCK! I have to thank you in a big way TODAY!!!!!!! Sincerely, Emily

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