A New Release from LC Cooper – Man Cave

As a fan of Ms. Cooper’s work, I had to share this with you

A follower and an introvert, Adam is content accepting whatever life throws at him. Eric, Adam’s gregarious best friend, talks Adam into a different birthday present, one that proves to be more than a distraction from life’s dramas. Although seasoned outdoorsmen, neither man is prepared for what they uncover.

Who can help them? Who can they trust? Frequent dangers they face possess the power to consume their very souls. Adam and Eric must grow together if they are to survive. Will Adam become the man he only dreamed of being? If not, what awaits them in “Man Cave” will most certainly destroy them.


You can read it for free on her blog (links to follow) or for 2.99 you can download it from Smashwords to your device of choice and not be chained to the computer to read it.

Another one for my TBR list!

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  1. Reena Jacobs

     /  September 17, 2012

    Love the synopsis. Is it a parody?

  2. Me too — book sounds interesting — and MAN CAVE could easily be a name of a movie.

  3. Wow, sounds like a great read. Nice review.

  4. lccooper

     /  September 18, 2012

    Thank you so much, Jo, for helping me! BTW- I sent out a similar email regarding your last book to my flock. I’m almost certain your vampire tales are well-received by all 3 of my fans. 🙂 Interesting post on SW’s blog about successful erotica writing. I think I hear the sirens’ song calling to me again. Hard to remain poolside in my Sunday-school clothes when I want to dive in and skinny dip. Oh well, the occasional righteously-earned dollar spends much better than its indulgent, lecherous equivalent, right?

    I hope you had an enjoyable new year’s celebration. Take care, LC

    LC Cooper, author of: Christmess Diary of a Reluctant Vampire Legacy Man Cave Simmering Consequences The Voices of Cellar’s Bridge “Barefoot Homecoming” “Dan’s Accidental Convertible” “Halloween’s Perfect Storm” “Of Yellow Snow and Christmas Balls” “One Lousy Wish” “There Was a Knock at the Door”

    Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 13:27:39 +0000 To: l.c_cooper@hotmail.com

    • Thanks so much! hey, 3 fans are 3 fans! 😀

      I don’t know. i have been toying with the idea of a secret pen name and some well placed erotica stories. I bet i could churn them out pretty fast… make them 20-30,000 words, charge 2$ a pop for them… It’s getting really, really tempting….


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