Unedited Snippet One from Book Five

I am going to be virtually nonexistent during October. Why? Because I’m going to get book 5 written! Yes, I was supposed to do it last month and edit Patrick this month, but a couple beta readers are still working on it (no hurry guys!) and I had too many other things that came up in September. So, I’ve set my email to autoreply and, except for two days a week, I have sworn off my Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and even my email. If you contact me via these channels and I don’t answer immediately, that’s why.

To keep the words flowing, I have added a progress meter to the right, in the sidebar. I don’t have an exact “target” but 100,000 is roughly how long Ashes of Deceit was, so…

In the meantime, please enjoy a random, unedited snippet from Heart of the Raven:

CONTAINS SPOILERS for Ashes of Deceit. If you haven’t read that book yet, then read at your own risk.

Katelina stared at the sandwich as though it was an enemy. It had been three days since the vampire’s underground citadel had been attacked and the sixth floor, home to the handful of humans who lived there, had been decimated. The holes in the ceiling had been a high priority fix, unlike the human amenities, and the only available food was several crates of premade sandwiches.

The sandwich and the lack of concern about fixing the sixth floor were both reminders that humans didn’t really belong in the monster’s world, as if she needed reminding. The vampires themselves were usually quick to point it out. They arched their eyebrows and asked, “Jorick has a human?”, like she was a dog adopted by a cat person.


She was supposed to meet him outside the audience chamber in a few minutes. She groaned and glanced at her watch as if will power could turn back the clock. It didn’t.

With a resigned sigh, she ate the sandwich in three bites, then forced herself to her feet. She checked her pockets for her keycard, gave her long blonde hair a final pat and charged out of the apartment and into the black carpeted corridor of the exclusive Executioners’ block. Like a private building, one had to have a special keycard to get in and out of the living area.

Outside it was the second floor’s public corridor. Largely undamaged, the hallway was bordered by hotel-like doors that gave way to mall style entertainment; a spa, an arcade and a movie theater. Vampires, already bored with the events of two days ago, lounged, chatted and partook of entertainment as if it was just another day. Most ignored Katelina as she walked past. They were too important to notice something as lowly as a human marring their perfect world.

The hair stood up on the back of her neck and Katelina hurried past them. Despite their indifference, any one of them could kill her without a second thought. Or maybe not. After all, she’d killed her share of vampires.

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  1. Thanks for the time for Patrick – is on my to do list. this is a very similar scene to one in book two (?)

  2. Sounds good Jo…fast paced and tension building up … Don’t forget to eat yourself ha ha lol. Good luck for bk 5! D

  3. Excellent! I love it! Well, keep writing. I sure understand. Writing is our world. I love the meter. I’ll have to look for one.

  4. Great extract! I’m intrigued by your meter – I didn’t know it was possible to find something like that.

  5. Looking forward to this! Thanks for the snippet. Will miss you online, but I want the next book 🙂

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