One Lovely Blog Award – Verchiel Edition

Hello! Verchiel here! Yeah, I am blogjacking this blog because, well, I’m just more fun than the usual author. *cough*. Jo has been honored with the One Lovely Blog Award by Rooster Lady Says, who has a very informative blog full of product reviews. If you’ve never visited her blog, you should check it out!

And now for the rules:

  1.   Include the blog award logo in your post
  2.   Thank the person who nominated you.
  3.   Provide 7 random facts about yourself
  4.   Nominate 7 other blogs, and let them know you have done so

Check, check and if you’re reading this and have not had the award then it’s yours because I know your blog must be lovely – only people with lovely blogs hang out here as we have the best, most intelligent readers on the net 🙂 So, this leaves only the seven random facts! I could post seven random facts about our amazing author, but who wants to read that? I mean, she’s only semi-interesting, otherwise she wouldn’t need to make up characters.


1. My eyes are violet. Why? Because my amazing author’s brother requested it. Yes, she takes requests. Jorick says it’s proof she’s a hack, but since I’m a better character I say it;s because she’s accommodating.

2. I can speak several languages or i should say that I can speak a little bit of several languages.

3. I like anime. Especially if it has school girls in it. Those tiny skirts and – um, never mind.

4. In Heart of the Raven there is a new character named Sadihra (though her name may change to Zadhira) and, though I keep hitting on her, so far I haven’t gotten anywhere. I think she’s a super-human vampire. It’s the only way to explain how she can resist me.

5. I’ve known Sorino (the treasure hunter who hauls that kid around on a chain) for a long time. In fact, I knew him before I came to America. He owes me a favor or two.

6. I don’t really have a favorite color, but if I had to pick one I lean towards yellow. Who doesn’t love yellow? (Besides my author, that is.)

7. I think Jorick is jealous because I get more blog time, but it’s his own fault because he doesn’t have the get up and gumption to just take the blog over like I do. He could learn a thing or two from me.

And that, dear readers, is seven interesting facts about your favorite vampire. Or second favorite in the case of a couple of weirdos. I kid, you’re not weirdos, you just haven’t discovered how great I am yet.

Remember, if you’re reading this and you don’t have this award yet… now you do!

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  1. violet eyes eh? and I disklike yellow as well except sometimes in the garden.

    • Yep. No idea why. I had hi with brown but the brother insisted that he had to have violet so… I figure what the heck. Some bizarre twist of genetics gave in to a recessive gene. Must be from his mother.

  2. Just brilliant Joleene – one of the most original approaches to this award that I have seen! Love the violet eyes. And I have to confess that yellow is one of my favourite colours as it is warm and full of sunshine (you tend to obsess about things like this when you live in a cold climate!) 🙂

  3. Hi cutie Verchiel. I can’t wait to see how you save Jorick and Katelina this time. Loved the 7 facts.

  4. He’s so delicious. You couldn’t take him seriously, but for fun…yummy

  5. wanna hear a funny? I haven’t been able to log in here for months cos I forgot my password, so finally I gave up and put in for a new one and just as I hit the button, I remembered my old one, lol.

  6. not as wierd as I thought

  7. Lol, I officially love Verchiel! 🙂


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