Unedited Snippet Nine from Book Five

And now some excitement….

Okay, so it’s November and the book is not done. I lost a lot of time to unexpected house hunting and all the research that goes with an out of state move. However, due to some family issues, I think we’ll be putting any move on hold for awhile, so hopefully I can get this sucker finished!

In the meantime, please enjoy a random, unedited snippet from Heart of the Raven:

CONTAINS SPOILERS for Ashes of Deceit. If you haven’t read that book yet, then read at your own risk.

Katelina turned to face a tall, broad shouldered man. His uniform was sharp and creased, and spoke of some official office she didn’t recognize.

He motioned with the gun towards one of the exits. “You will come with me, Miss Mauldin. There is someone who is very anxious to see you.”

His words chilled her and she raised her hands like she’d seen on TV. “Wh-who?”

“You will see.”

He motioned again and she moved, her eyes trained on the weapon. Her only experience with guns had been with Jonick and Oren, when they’d rescued Kale and been shot by the police. She remembered the way they’d had to dig the bullets out .But she wasn’t a vampire.  If this man shot her, she wouldn’t be digging bullets out, rather she’d be bleeding on the floor.

Some of the bystanders whimpered, but mostly they dodged and darted out of the way. Several employees tried to reassure them that everything was fine and begged that they remain calm for the good of all, but Katelina doubted the they were that stupid. When someone pulled a gun things were definitely not fine.

She made her way to the exit where one of the guards quickly opened the door and stepped aside. The man with the gun motioned her inside, and she found herself in a paneled corridor lined in doors and a shiny water cooler. She waited until the door shut behind them and then she grabbed the tank of the water cooler like a weapon and swung.



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  1. strong girl eh?

  2. Ooh! I love this! Way to go, Katelina!

  3. So she tried to liquidate them, eh?

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