Feed Your Mind!

Thanksgiving has become a holiday about feeding our faces – we eat until we’re stuffed – and Black Friday is about filling up our houses, and the space under that newly erected Christmas tree, with bargain items. But, when do we feed our brains? Why not use the Cyber Monday sales to do just that! For less than the cost of a sandwich, you can buy an ebook from a number of great authors. So skip drive through, take Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch on Monday and buy a book instead. Your mind will thank you for the food!

Check out this list of books that are all $2.99 or less!

My sale books include:

for $.99: Shades of Gray & Vampire Morsels50% off

for 2.99 – Amaranthine Special Edition I and IIboth 50% off!



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  1. Yes! Who doesn’t love a sale and Amaranthine Night?

  2. Cyber deals. Yes!!!!!

  3. Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for “The Next Big Thing” blog hop challenge. 🙂 Again.


    I’ve been behind on my blogging, and so I tagged you before catching up on your blog – lol, I didn’t realize you were already tagged recently. 🙂


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