Unedited Snippet Ten from Book Five

Guess who’s coming to dinner… or whatever they want to call it.

Okay, so it’s December and the book is not done. I lost a lot of time to unexpected house hunting and all the research that goes with an out of state move. However, due to some family issues, I think we’ll be putting any move on hold for awhile, so hopefully I can get this sucker finished!

In the meantime, please enjoy a random, unedited snippet from Heart of the Raven:

CONTAINS SPOILERS for Ashes of Deceit. If you haven’t read that book yet, then read at your own risk.

The ride was mostly quiet. Maeko pointed out a few landmarks but, between the darkness and the tinted windows, Katelina couldn’t see them, so she gave up. It was only as the car drew to a stop that the girl made a soft squealing sound and rubbed her hands together. “I hope you enjoy your surprise, Kate-chan!”

Katelina stiffened and suspicion surged through her. “What surprise?”

“You’ll see!” Maeko chirped as the driver climbed out and opened her door with a bow. “Come, please!”

Katelina slid across the seat and out into the night. They were parked in front of a tall apartment building with wide glass double doors. Maeko led Katelina past the uniformed security men and through a shiny tiled lobby to the elevator. Katelina leaned against the wall, nervous hands concealed in her pockets. “You mentioned a surprise?”

The girl winked and placed a finger to her lips. “Just wait, please!”

The elevator opened on a private, paneled lobby. Katelina had seen enough movies to know they were at the penthouse. The shiny floor and bright lights were a change from the vampire dens she’d experienced before, and it wasn’t a change she was sad about.

She followed Maeko to the door and waited as it was unlocked. Her mind raced as she tried to determine what kind of surprise lay in wait for her. What could the  vampiress have that she’d be surprised to see? Was it even a good surprise?

Inside the door was a corridor and a small entry way where a row of slippers and shoes waited. Katelina took in the odd assortment of footwear. There was a pair of motorcycle boots, a set of sparkly emerald heels, a pair of tennis shoes and-

“Are you following us or what?”

Katelina jolted at the familiar voice and found herself face to face with a bald vampire. The goatee and tribal tattoo on his face gave him the air of an ex-con, and the clothes didn’t help; faded jeans and a tank top. It was –


Who was it?


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  1. Yeah! Micah’s in this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. The man’s back!

  3. what they said –

  4. Yes! Micah! How fun is he!

  5. Jen g

     /  December 10, 2012

    Yay!!!!!! Micah!!!! I love his humor.

  6. amy owen

     /  December 15, 2012

    Love Micah!!


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