Interview with a *Real Life* Vampire

The Vampire Deutsch: Der Vampir

Yes, this is an interview between Top Secret Writers and Sappho Wolf, the founder of VampGeist. Though she doesn’t seem to be the blood drinking  skulk in the alley kind of vampire, it’s still an interesting interview, as are the comments below. I say comments, but miniature war might be better, as there are different “types” of vampires arguing over the contents. Though it’s a couple of years old, I just stumbled across it the other day, and it’s certainly worth a read.

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  1. whoa… delusions of grandeur much? this wouldn’t be an issue if the so called psy vamps had picked a different name for themselves It takes all kinds to make the world go round 🙂

  2. Well, that was, um, interesting. I can’t say that I found her believable at all. Like Sharon stated, the whole delusions of grandeur enter in. lol I do think there can be all sorts of people who are lucky to find their niche in life.

  3. would love to read it – but this trip planning is sapping my resources

  4. Pinch of salt, here, I think.

  5. Oh my! I wish the author of the blog could have asked her more questions, or worded them a bit differently. I have a feeling, given the chance, she’d have thrown out some really “interesting” stuff. There’s a gentleman I sometimes talk to who thinks the government is out to get him. He wears a “special” copper necklace, that he made himself, to “protect” himself from…whatever. And while I tend to have a more conservative view on such things, it is fun to allow him to ramble. You never know what you’ll hear! 😉

  6. I thought there was some interesting bits in the interview, a lot of bits i didnt know too. Thanks for the share JO !!!

  7. I didn’t read this yet, however I’ve read The Sanguinomicon, it’s a constant look through for me. Psychic and Energy Vampirism is real and it’s something I do, personally. I can’t really describe how, or when I started. Except, I’m not Strigoi Vii as I do not follow all of what Strigoi Vii members must follow. Obviously, as a real life Vampire or Vampyre, as many are called, I can tell you that no: we can’t “turn” anyone, we don’t turn into a bat or any other sort of creature, we can’t fly, etc., etc. Vampirism IS real, even blood drinking if it’s safe, sane and consensual is real and very special. In a way, it’s needed – not like a fantasy vampire needs blood in order to survive, a real life Vampyre will “need” Energy or Blood as in, if they don’t have some they’ll start getting headaches, feel nausea, get cranky… You get the idea. I think most people who follow my blog know I’m a Vampyre… Yes, there’s better words, I guess. But if you tell people about this, they either will have done their research and believe you or think you’re full of vampire poo. 😉 But with my Vampirism Monday series, a vial of Jen’s blood I wear around my neck, etc. you really would think people would have caught on by now. And maybe they have, but don’t wanna ask! I wrote a post about Strigoi Vii here if you’re interested:

    I love that you find this stuff, Jo!!!

  8. Interesting interview. Was a bit vague. Almost seemed as if Sappho Wolf wanted to avoid offending anyone with her answers, so carefully constructed them to say little. The follow up post was a bit more specific thought, at least terms of what constitutes a vampire in her opinion.

  9. amusing, Joleene!


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