Cooking with the Sheep

How do you make a Jorick?

Can you guess the finishing ingredient in a Verchiel?

For your dining pleasure I’ve whipped up a couple of delicious recipes at the Alpha Male Diner, over on the I Smell Sheep blog. Not only can you sample two hot and tasty dishes, but while you’re there you can enter for a chance to win paperback copies of BOTH the special editions – that’s all four books in one awesome prize pack. Read, sample, taste, win. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Be sure to check out I Smell Sheep’s other great contests and promotions.


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  1. Hi Jo, just wanted to say that the receipes idea was great ha ha … and your covers for the book combos looked excellent. Really hope thatyour ‘concoctions’ help promote and sell ha ha PS Do you mind…how is Charles ‘s father doing? Is he having treatment yet? I guess your moving home plans are all still on hold? My mum has stage 4 cancer now – of liver and ovaries, though as i have had no work since 21st dec, i have been able to visit her in hospital every day, until todaythat is as ive picked up a severe cold. To make matters worse my mums husband has gone enstranged- think he hasmental health problems now, and iscausing loads of trouble and extra stress for her …. a long story! Guess we all need to continue to be strong, get through these lives tests we have yeah. Good luck with the competition and your books Jo as always! Peace, love and light to all. dave


  2. Loved the recipes. Good choices. Very fun.

  3. LOL This is so clever! I love how Jorick and Katelina are together. 😀


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