A Chance to Win a Copy of Vampire Morsels & Shades of Gray!

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Donna gave 101 Tips ten Rubber Ducks – check her post to see what I mean!

Fellow author DM Yates has been kind enough to post her reviews of Vampire Morsels Short Story Collection and 101 Tips for Traveling with a Vampire on her blog. On top of that, she is offering a prize pack of a copy of Vampire Morsels and Shades of Gray to two lucky commenters delivered straight to your Kindle – no download codes or fuss. To enter, check out her blog and leave a comment – it’s that simple!

While you’re there, be sure to check out her other posts and her debut novel Always which I would  list as one of my favorite reads in 2012!


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  1. Everyone should read your books, Joleene. They’re the best! I’m glad to do it.

  2. HI Vampire Writer, this is MM and I am beginning to make myself read right before I go to bed. Something I should be doing anyway. As you may know — I cannot relax on my Sofa because I have a cat with behavioral problems and we do not have the heart to do what most people do. Thus, if I want to watch TV I have to watch it from my bed. And because “MY FRIEND” goes to bed before I do — I go to bed and if I am not sleepy — I read. That is good.

    • Misbehaving cats can be a problem! we have been watching TV in our bedroom lately too because it is warmer in here and the TV is better 😉

  3. Love the ducks. Those books are worth entering a contest for.

  4. Shared her post. 😉


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