Experimental Legacy of Ghosts Cover

vs 2 - 2500

For book two I swapped out the heavy pink/red color of the original cover for a simple blue because, though there is some heavy romance moments, the main challenge in the story is the characters’ regret and how to deal with that. This also contributes to the choice of the graveyard motif, which not only conveys the regret and lost moments, but also gives it a gothy, vampire-ish tone. Plus it looks cool.

See it in action on Amazonsignature for white

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  1. LIKE THE COVER!!!! SPOOKY@@!@!@!@! Take care and lots of love, Emily

  2. it do indeed look cool.

  3. I love it! The graveyard with the blood splattered on the cover with the blue background is wonderful to symbolize what you are trying to convey. I’m interested in finding out how the experiment goes. 😀

  4. I really like this cover. It’s very eye-catching!

  5. I love this one! Especially the graveyard and the shade of blue that’s not too dark or muted that makes the cover hard to see. I hope the experiment works for you.

    • Thanks, Stephannie! What’s going to be hard s comparing data since smashwords tends to be sooo slow about giving you the numbers for affiliate sales. I actually thought about just changing the covers there, too and trying to compare last years data but I don’t know…


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