Experimental Ashes of Deceit Cover

vs 2 - 2500

The fourth book has even less emphasis on the romance, and more on the culmination of the story arch with Oren and Malick. A lot of things are wrapped up. I went for purpley-blue to give it the edge of feminine. The bulk of the heavy action takes place underground, which doesn’t lend itself to a silhouette, but there are some defining scenes at a country house, so I went for that. I could also claim that the lonely scene emphasizes that, as a human among vampires, Katelina is alone among the monsters.

See it in action on Amazonsignature for white

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  1. Another beautiful cover, Joleene.

  2. KNOCK OUT COVER AGAIN!!! Hummmm along with your great writing… you are going to make them irresistible! Lots of love, Emily

  3. I love the look of these new covers and the use of your fonts. I also love the reason why you pick the images you do. I don’t blame Katelina for feeling the way she does. It’d be hard to be the only human, and yet that is what makes the series so entertaining for me (as a reader).

    • I almost changed fonts to something more “traditional PNR” but then I couldn’t bring myself to do it, LOL! I love that font!!

  4. I love the sky against the shadows. Very eerie.

  5. I love the color scheme. Although I’m partial to magentas and purples. 😀


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