Experimental Heart of the Raven Cover

cover vs 2 - 2500

In book five the romance is still taking a backseat, but there’s a bit of a triangle that refuses to go away, so it got a feminizing purple color. The vampires leave the US and do some globe hopping as they search for an ancient relic. Not only do they visit Japan, but the Japanese images evoke tradition, agelessness and a bit of mysticism, which fit the theme of the book perfectly.

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  1. So cool! I’m wondering, did you find it challenging to take your characters to Japan since it’s a different setting than what you’ve done before? I imagine you did a lot of research. It’ll be fun to learn more about the culture when I read your book.

    • YES!!! Luckily I have a Filipino friend who knows Japanese so that helped some. They also go to Russia, Germany (though that was easier because my cousin is from Germany), Russia and Egypt. Yeesh. I hope to get them home in the next book and keep them here 😉

  2. These are getting better as you go along, Jo. I hope you sell sell sell. Even sell sell would perhaps be quite good. Have a good one.

  3. Very Awesome!!! Lots of love, Emily

  4. Oh, this one is it! Love the whole design.


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