Prologue 9: Maeko

With the release of Heart of the Raven looming, it’s time to meet the characters! But why just read a stale bio, when you can have a flash-fiction introduction? These take place the day before Heart of the Raven begins. Think of them as mini prologues. They will not appear in the book and this is the only place you can read them. Enjoy!


January 10th
Maeko’s apartment

Maeko hung up the phone and composed her features before she turned around. Hikaru leaned against the doorframe. His dark hair fell past his shoulders and his deep brown eyes watched her, as if trying to see into her mind. She purposefully shielded her thoughts and saw his lips twitch with concern.

She covered her mouth, but was too late to stop the giggle. “You look worried, Hikaru-chan! But there’s nothing to be worried about.  The arrangements are all made and our guests will be here soon.”

He nodded his head, a short, quick motion. “Hai.”

She rubbed her hands together as she looked around the spacious living room. “I believe this den will suffice. We should stock some extra blood, perhaps?”

He nodded again and left on the errand. They both knew it could wait, but it was an excuse to let her be alone with her thoughts.

A doll with pink hair sat in a nearby chair. She sported a black ruffled dress and painted vampire fangs.  Maeko picked her up and smiled into the tiny plastic face. “He’s coming,” she whispered. “Do you know how long it has been since I’ve seen him?”

The doll stared back blankly, but Maeko carried on as if it had spoken. “It was a long time ago. Hikaru-chan was still human then. It was a long trip but he served me well. That’s when I decided I’d turn him later. He was too young then, you see Aimi-chan. I had to wait for him to grow up a little bit more. There’s no point in two of us that look like children.”

That she looked no older than fourteen was a limitation she accepted. Each person in the world had some imperfection or some obstacle to overcome and that was hers. There were many worse ones, so she was lucky. Appearing like a child was inconvenient, but so long as she kept someone with her who could pass for an older brother, the social conventions were met and no one paid her any mind.

She giggled and sat the doll in the chair again. “You’ll like him, Aimi-chan. I’m sure you will. He’s quiet, like Hikaru-chan, but he’s older; much older.” She frowned suddenly. “The last time I saw him he was so angry! Not at me, but…” she trailed off and rubbed her chin. “You don’t think he is still that way, do you, Aimi-chan? He would be… better now?”

The doll didn’t answer and with a sigh Maeko turned to the full length windows. The lights of the city twinkled back at her, telling silent stories of those who sheltered in their beams from the ever pressing blackness of night. Each light illuminated a tiny stage where people acted out scenes of love, lust, betrayal, anger or loneliness. The lights in her own living room shone back, sharing her tale with the world. She couldn’t help but wonder just what kind of story they told.

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  1. Hmm she can’t be speaking of V…”quiet” I’ll just wait and see

  2. Wonderful! I love this character

  3. So if she’s eternally 14, does she still have the tendency toward childish things, even though she’s older due because she’s a vampire?

  4. Love this line: “He would be… better now?” It’s so ominous. 🙂


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