Zigzag-ety Zigginess!


Zig-Zag (Photo credit: zigazou76)

Yeah, okay, weird title. Today Mary Fan at Zigzag Timeline was kind enough to post an interview with yours truly.  Where in I discuss such interesting things as the inspiration behind my series, the importance of cover art, and what I’d like to do with one fictional character. So check it out, and while you’re there be sure to read some of her other interviews and also check out Mary’s sci-fi novel Artificial Absolutes.


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  1. That’s pretty neat how your series started. It goes to prove you never know where things will go once you get started. 😀

  2. My main complaint with Rowlings new book was that it was schlock, but then I’m not a HP fan. Would like to know more about the angel romance you and Jon (?) are working on

    • I haven;t read it to be fair, though I heard a lot of complaints about it from HP fans that were often just nitpicky and in the end their real problem was that it wasn’t HP.

      It’s actually a friend of mine named Dawn, but it’s been years and I’ll be honest I am doubtful it is ever going to get done, which is a shame because it’s an awesome story. I always thought if it doesn’t ever get done I might later write a different angel story because I did a LOT of research on it.

  3. Loved it. Mary does great interviews, and I learned so much more about your writing.

  4. Very nice interview! 🙂


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