Vampire Facials…

Blood Sweat and Tears. Number 2

Blood Sweat and Tears. Number 2 (Photo credit: Jakob E)


Fellow author Steve Evans was kind enough to share an article with me about a new beauty craze dubbed “Vampire facials”. The essence is that your blood is drawn out, spun around in a centrifuge machine to separate the platelets, and then, in many cases, after your face is “perforated” the blood is then slathered over your skin. or, in other cases, it’s injected into troublesome areas (the treatment, it seems  originated as therapy for sports related injuries).


No, it wasn’t Dracula that brought this new craze out into the open, but rather Kim Kardashian who tweeted a bloody faced photo of herself that has since inspired people all over the world to have themselves slathered in their own blood. While Verchiel is all for this, I’m a little bit repulsed (as I like my blood in my veins, not on my face.) But what do you think?


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  1. I’d totally do this if I needed one of the treatments. Blood is, honestly, amazing. Inside of the body, and out, in my opinion! Whether it’s pumping through you, or in a vial around your neck (Jen once filled one for me! I need a new one!), or on a painting (have you seen the guy who paints with his own blood? If it’s true, it’s pretty amazing.) it’s just amazing. I highly doubt most people would agree with me though, haha.

  2. I’ve heard that dark beer has a similar effect. But even if it doesn’t, at least you can drink the rest. I’m not sure I’d drink what passes for blood sluggishly roiling through my veins.

    • I’ve heard that milk is also good for your skin and a bunch of other things. I occasionally use goat milk soap and call it good. i should moisturize more, but….

  3. I couldn’t do this. I’m a wimp when it comes to blood. LOL

  4. Ummm… Ick!!! And besides that, on a practical note, wouldn’t blood be drying? It seems like it would be. I know when I make meatloaf it’s not the greatest on my hands. I usually wear disposable gloves, although that could be the spices and tomato paste/ketchup talking. I don’t know. Moisturizer? Blood? Yeah… I just don’t see how blood’s an effective moisturizer. That’s NOT it’s job. If you’ve got “fatty” blood, you’ve got a problem.

    On a side, If I could only take ONE moisturizer onto a deserted island, I’d grab a tin of “Bag Balm.” That stuff’s the bomb. “Corn Huskers” works great if you don’t want to feel greasy. Love the smell of Bath and Body Works products. Heaven!

    • I suppose it’s better your own blood than someone else’s. Then again it’s them drawing out my blood that bothers me about this… I won;t even donate blood. Okay, I can’t thanks to all the Sjogrens etc. but…

      My mother in law uses bag balm – I love the tins!

  5. Yuk. No thanks. I’ll go for the old cucumber facial treatment.

    • I’ve never actually tried cucumbers, though I used to have this delicious face cream that smelled like melon and Chambers. I loved that stuff!

  6. Cucumber – fine – blood – no thanks!

  7. Paleeze!!!!! Save me from the idiots of this world. How shallow their lives must be to become involved in something so stupid.


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