At Tempest Works…

awesome lightning

by me

…Is where I am today! Troy Jackson has been kind enough to do an author interview with me. he asked some great questions, including:

 What did you find to be the most difficult part of the writing process?  Easiest?

Writing fight scenes and sex scenes. I will literally get bored and wander away in the middle of both. The conversation scenes are the easiest for me, and the ones I have the most fun with because that’s when I find out all the things about the characters that I didn’t know before.  Editing and revision aren’t so much hard as time consuming and repetitive.

Visit the link below to read the rest and while you’re there check out his other posts and his Fantasy novel The Elementals (which is on my TBR list!)


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  1. I agree about the conversations. Those are, by far, the easiest scenes to write. I don’t do many fight scenes, but I have walked away from the computer in the middle of sex scenes. LOL Whoever said sex scenes are written by horny people never realized how much more entertainment is in the other aspects of the book. (And yet I add the sex because I think it enhances the characters’ relationships overall.) 😀

  2. Another great interview, Jo. You do well on interviews.


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