I’m a Terrible Person…

Donna Yates (author of Always) was kind enough to post a book review of Heart of the Raven no less than SIX days ago and it’s taken me that long to comment on it and post this thank you to her. If you get a chance please stop by her blog and leave her a comment telling her how undeserving I am. *

If that’s not bad enough, Amanda at Wicca Witch 4 Book Blog has very kindly posted a review of the whole series; Shades of Gray, Legacy of Ghosts, Ties of Blood, Ashes of Deceit, and Heart of the Raven! And have I shared links? No!  You should stop by her blogs too, and leave her some comments about her excellent reviews and my poor social skills! **

I also have a blog tour coming up, engineered by Incandescent Enchantments Book Tours  that will run April 29 to May 4 and includes prizes such as:



There’s also a free ebook, and a t-shirt, if I recall. That is If I haven’t been clamped in leg irons and had tomatoes thrown at me by then.***

signature for white




* Or you could leave comments about what a great blog it is. That would be good, too. No real need to mention my faux pas.

** Or you could just tell her what great reviews she does. I mean, pointing out my lack of social skills might bring the tone of the blog down.

*** I don’t think anyone will REALLY clamp me in REAL leg irons. They can’t find me. Now digital leg irons… those are a possibility.


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  1. Yes you are a terrible person. But then so am I. We get so involved in our characters that the “real” world is ignored.

    • This is very true! 😉 I think all writers do this to varying degrees which is why we were never meant to be marketers, LOL!

  2. Your social skills are way better than mine. 😉

  3. Donna is fantastic! We all get swamped. Doesn’t make you a bad person, just a person. 🙂

  4. you are totally not horrible! you are the greatest! and everyone gets busy with their lives it means we have one!…lol…I have signed up for your Incandescent Enchantments Book Tour so we will be working together again this time for a character interview! yay!!!!

    • heh-heh, he had a lot of fun filling that out. He was even serious for a couple of questions!

      • lol…I love the reply’s that guy is so funny! my daughter and I had a laugh over his responses! Cant wait to post it on my blog and thanks for the awesome pic! purple is my favourite colour.

  5. It takes me forever to do almost anything these days. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 😀 There’s so much going on, it’s hard to keep organized.

  6. We all get so busy and need like, 50 vampire assistants. Maybe Verchiel would like to apply?


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