Shades of Gray on You Gotta Read

The lovely folks at You Gotta Read were kind enough to post a review of Shades of Gray.3 Want To Read

“..Jorick is an atypical badass, who shares little and kicks much ass. Katelina is a bit of a dingbat, but at least she’s brave. The two have great chemistry, and I love their evolving relationship. It is nice that they don’t just fall in bed together, and even after they do, Katelina is still working out her feelings for he late boyfriend…”

To read the rest of the review check out the post on their page.

A big thank you to them, and to you for stopping by!

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  1. Nice recommendation. Not everything was positive, but that means the reviewer was trying to be honest.

  2. Wow, that’s so cool. I submitted my novel to them and haven’t heard back. congrats, Joleene.

  3. At least he/she spoke his mind.
    Not the best review and I don’t really agree but everyone’s opinion is subjective.

    • This is the first review complaint I have had about Claudius, so not too fussed about it 😉 Would have liked four stars better, of course, but hey, three is way better than two!

  4. That’s cool. Wish the review was better but it seemed honest and did give recommendation to be read so that’s great.

  5. That creepy house was still the best part of the book, imo. 😀 You’re a master at suspense.


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