Legacy of Ghosts gets a Touch Up

cover mess - 250I breezed through Shades of Gray last year and, with the help of the wonderful DM Yates, caught and corrected some typos. It was time that Legacy of Ghosts got the same treatment, but alas I did a bit more than touch up typos. I know, I know. I didn’t change a lot; I just edited the scene with the letters a bit, added a couple of very short scenes based on two of the Lost Chapters and tightened up some of the conversation and such. If you’ve already read the book then it’s not worth getting a new copy of it (wait, a minute, aren’t I supposed to encourage you to re-read it? Oh well…), but if you haven’t  now might be the time to go check it out.

You can grab a copy at:

There are other places (like Kobo, apple, etc.) But it’s not updated there yet.  I may go through and do this to the others, including Shades of Gray again as I need to reread them all to make sure my plot… erm.. development for book six, Children of Shadows,  will work. Alas, I forget what ends up making the final cut and what doesn’t. I need a keeper. 😉

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PS – I have added some polls about the book covers – check the upper right corner in the top link bar for the Polls drop down.

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  1. since I got mine from Smashwords, I can always download the new version… right? 🙂
    I still prefer the old covers, but I understand why you’re redoing them all! 😀

    • yep! Smashwords lets you get the new ones as far as I know 😀 i wish the other sites did that….

      I tell you, I am not 100% about the new ones myself. I actually had an issue where some readers could not find the new book in the B&N store because they were looking for the old style of covers and, of course, it wasn’t there…. I mean the new ones are pretty, but….

      • I think Kindle lets you know if a title has been updated… hasn’t happened with the titles I got from the Kindle store so far, so maybe those authors didn’t update them! 😉
        Yes, the new covers are pretty, but they’re less… Joleene’s! 😉 They can be any other vampire story, but not Amaranthine… might bring in new fans, but I’m afraid us old-timers will always prefer the old covers! 😀

  2. You are so sweet to mention me. I love your books and think I’m your biggest fan.


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