Katelina and Jorick’s Valentine’s Day

(or lack thereof)

sweet retweetIn book 6, Children of Shadows, Katelina and Jorick find themselves facing a new threat: the Children of Shadows, a defunct vampire cult that has seemingly returned from the darkness to follow Malick’s example and wage war against the vampire Guilds. A mysterious vampiress, Ume, offers her help and swears that she knows Verchiel. But who is she? Can they really trust her?

And what will Jorick do when Valentine’s Day rolls around?

The fourteenth of February. It took Katelina a moment to recognize the date, and when she did she looked to Jorick for some sign he did, too. His face betrayed nothing, and he nodded to Ume, then motioned the others inside the cabin.

As she walked, she thought how strange it was to worry about something as trivial as Valentine’s Day, considering everything going on. In fact, it was plain silly. At the same time she finally had a boyfriend for the “big day”. Excepting her strange relationship with Patrick, she’d been single every February, like clockwork.  Every year she went to work and watched the flowers and balloons pour in for the other women and pretended to ooh and ahh over them. Near the end of the day the obligatory pink carnation would arrive from her mother. “No woman should go without a flower on Valentine’s,” her mother would say. This year she wouldn’t even have that.

It’s not like we have time to mess with it, anyway, she told herself.

Loren caught up to her as they hit the basement, and whispered, “Sorry, I forgot to say anything to him.”

“It’s all right. This isn’t really the time for roses and chocolates, anyway, I guess.”

Jorick was suddenly behind them. “What isn’t?”

“It’s Valentine’s day,” Loren said cheerfully. “I was supposed to remind you, but I forgot.”

“Saint Valentine’s day?” Jorick asked. “What does that have to do with roses and chocolate?”

It was stupid, but Katelina felt a dash of disappointment. She hadn’t expected him to do anything, not with helicopters and killer vampires, but she had expected him to apologize for not being able to. That he didn’t even know what it was…

Loren rolled his eyes. “You’re supposed to get your girlfriend presents for Valentines. You know, to show her that you love her.”

Jorick cocked an eyebrow. “One assumes she already knows.”

“Yeah, but it’s a thing, you know? It’s when you buy chicks jewelry and give them mushy cards and all that crap. Come on, you’ve surely read it in a book somewhere.”

“Possibly,” Jorick admitted. Some sort of understanding flickered across his face. “Mushy cards? I remember Velnya giving me a card with a poem once.”

At the mention of Jorick’s first wife, Katelina looked to her feet. Wrong or right, Velnya was a name that still made her stomach clench.

So what will Jorick give Katelina for Valentine’s Day? Will it be diamonds? Roses? A book? or something completely unexpected? Find out on March 15th!



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  1. It takes these immortals a while to learn human customs and this is their first valentine’s day or am I incorrect?

  2. LOL Why a I not surprised Jorick’s reaction would be like that?

    Loved the scene!

  3. Okay, that was just mean to leave me hanging!!

  4. Jorick isn’t exactly a romantic, is he? But she loves him anyway.

  5. Bad you, leaving us all hanging without an answer is too mean! 😀

  6. It’s good that the memory of Patrick continues to book 6

  7. Ugh, I’m getting into it and you cut me off! LOL! Loving reading these!

  1. What Did Jorick Get Katelina for Valentine’s Day? | Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

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