What Did Jorick Get Katelina for Valentine’s Day?

sweet retweetIn book 6, Children of Shadows, Katelina and Jorick find themselves facing a new threat: the Children of Shadows, a defunct vampire cult that has seemingly returned from the darkness to follow Malick’s example and wage war against the vampire Guilds. A mysterious vampiress, Ume, offers her help and swears that she knows Verchiel. But who is she? Can they really trust her?

Last week I posted the Valentine’s scene from Children of Shadows. Everyone wanted to know just what Jorick would eventually get her, and so, by popular demand, here it is:

“He’s not thinking of trying to intervene on those humans’ behalf, is he?” Oren asked sharply. “The only thing he could do is buy them and we hardly need two half-starved slaves tagging along.”

“He could turn them loose afterwards,” Verchiel suggested. “Of course they’d have nowhere to go and no money, and the coven will take new ones.” He grinned. “I’m surprised. I didn’t peg ol’ Jorick for a soft touch.”

Oren gave Katelina a cold look. “He never used to be.”

The vampires caught something furry that Katelina tried to ignore. They’d finished and were trying to decide whether to go back to the house or wait for Jorick when he appeared, looking grim.

“Happy Saint Valentine’s Day.”

Katelina peeked out from her coat. “What?”

“You wanted a present, so you got a present. And now we’re broke,” he added with irritation. “I assume that makes it expensive enough? Loren said the gifts had to cost a small fortune.”

Oren groaned. “You didn’t.”

Nothing says Valentine’s day like a pair of human slaves! Gotta love vampires.


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  1. alicia

     /  February 14, 2014

    Wow didnt see that present coming..lol

  2. *facepalm* such a romantic. I hope Katelina was the one who wanted Jorick to save them, in which case it was a great gift

  3. well I could use two slaves at the moment 😀

  4. ROFL Only Jorick would think to give a gift like that. 😛

  5. Jorick is a very thoughtful scary creature of the night

  6. I wish someone would buy me slaves, especially one who could do great massages 🙂

  7. LOL Great gift! 😀


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