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As I mentioned in my previous post (Amaranthine on Pintrest), some new Facebook policies have forced me tho think about promoting other social network options. Though Facebook is still the big one right now, MySpace used to be the top dog, and now it’s gone the way of the dodo. Who knows what may happen as Facebook continues to be more about how much we can pay them and less about social interaction.

As such, I am showcasing some networks I’m on. I mentioned Pintrest already, and yes, I have a website ( if you’ve never been there), but a website is like a poster at a subway station. Full of good information though not really a way to participate in a conversation.

As such, now seems like a good idea to start mentioning some of those other social media sites I’m on and telling you why you might like to connect with me there.

What it is: Tsu looks a lot like facebook without the fan pages. Just like facebook you post updates as well as like, share, and comment on your friends’ posts. I ‘ve made a page on it, though I admit I haven’t done a lot with it. Like Facebook, you have to have an account before you can check things out, but unlike Facebook you have to have a “passcode” to get in. This passcode is really someone else’s URL – for instance you could use mine – What’s with the passcode? Tsu uses it as an indicator of who invited you, and then adds you to that user’s “family tree”. This doesn’t mean a literal family, like blood relation or whatnot, but instead is supposed to be used for this “profit sharing” concept that caused a few people to say Tsu was a scam when it first debuted in October.

Why it’s fun: Truthfully, it’s like Facebook, which means we know how to use it already, without 6,000+ game requests. No one asking for eggs, milk, tractor tires, or puppies. However, because of their “profit sharing” idea there may be a higher risk for people who share content that isn’t their own. If Tsu actually does pay you for posting memes about sausages and cats, then the people who took the original photos the memes are made on could potentially sue someone because now you have made a monetary gain (though the chances of you making a monetary gin seem slim. I am up to $.01, so not really there to make money). How that will break down, I don’t know. I won’t lie, I’m not sharing memes on it, or even content I didn’t create myself, so I haven’t looked into those details. I do have an idea, though (see below)

Why you want to follow me: As Facebook takes away our ability to advertise new book releases and potentially even blog posts, that leaves readers who want to know with two options. One, sign up for email updates (for instance you can subscribe to this blog, and then you can subscribe to my newsletter – now you’re getting two mails from me, let alone all the other authors you want to keep track of) or, Two, find the authors on other networks. Sharon S. of I Smell Sheep recommended that instead of friending everyone on Tsu as we have on facebook, the thing to do is FOLLOW all your favorite authors/brands/etc., then you can use your tsu stream like one big update to what’s going on with all the people you want info from (like Facebook’s Pages’ Stream was *supposed* to be.) And since Tsu is heavy on the content creators (writers, musicians, artists, etc.) because they’re letting those people post their updates, it seems like a good idea to me. And so long as you’re sharing stuff that the original creator shared (for example I post an awesome photo of a cat and you hit the share button) then no one can sue anyone!

What am I posting on Tsu? Okay, I admit, no cat photos. So far I’ve posted some unedited snippets from the upcoming book and links to my blog posts, as well as shared a couple of posts from fellow authors that were worth sharing. As for what I plan to do with it, at the moment I plan to post the same kind of content I post to my Facebook Fan Page. So if you want a fan page alternative, my Tsu page is a good choice at the moment.

And remmeber that newsletter i mentioned? If you do subscribe to it right now you get the first three chapters of Clash of Legends (book 7) as an apology for the publication date being pushed back –

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