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As I mentioned in my previous post (Amaranthine on Pintrest ), some new Facebook policies have forced me tho think about promoting other social network options. Though Facebook is still the big one right now, MySpace used to be the top dog, and now it’s gone the way of the dodo. Who knows what may happen as Facebook continues to be more about how much we can pay them and less about social interaction.

As such, I am showcasing some networks I’m on. I mentioned Pintrest and already, and yes, I have a website ( if you’ve never been there), but a website is like a poster at a subway station. Full of good information though not really a way to participate in a conversation.

As such, now seems like a good idea to start mentioning some of those other social media sites I’m on and telling you why you might like to connect with me there.


What it is: Think the facebook stream, only with fewer cats, less pictures of random people’s dinners, and shorter posts. Much shorter posts. Twitter restricts users to no more than 140 characters per tweet. To those who say “This is too short” Twitter says “Then rephrase what you’re saying.” The object behind it was to give people quick, bite sized thoughts that didn’t take long to digest. It’s done wonders for our attention spans.

Why it’s fun: With such short posts you don’t get a lot of ranting or long personal posts in your stream. What you see a lot of are links to that content elsewhere, so it makes it easier to skip what you’re not interested in. To see someone’s tweets you follow them and they show up in your stream a microsecond after they post them. Of course, the more people you follow, the more posts you get. To combat this, rather than pulling a Facebook and hiding tweets, Twitter relies on hashtags, such as #vampire. So if as a twitter user you wanted to see tweets only about vampires you’d hop into the search box, type in hashtag (the pound sign-#) vampire and twitter will show you the tweets where people used this tag. Aside from just posting your own links or 140 character thoughts, you can also retweet people’s posts (aka share them with all your followers – it will show up as the original poster’s icon and name and just say “so-and-so retweeted this” so they know it’s not your link) and you can reply to tweets. If you’re lucky the original tweeter replies and you can have a whole conversation, just like facebook comments, only shorter.

Why you want to follow me: When I’m writing a book or a short story I like to post snippets. I also post links to my blogs, to other people’s blogs, book covers I create, and just random interesting things. And I do retweet some other interesting stuff now and then, That said, I’m not a Twitter power user. I admit, I go back and forth on twitter. I’ll use it pretty good for awhile and then I forget about it, but even when I forget my blog still posts to it automatically, so it’s not a dead account. So if that sounds like something interesting then be sure to follow me on Twitter. 

And remember that newsletter I mentioned? If you do subscribe to it right now you get the first three chapters of Clash of Legends (book 7) as an apology for the publication date being pushed back –

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  1. Thanks for the post / info Jo, always very informative too. Hope your keeping well and good luck with the book number 7! Amazing. Love, light and peace to you both.

    • Happy to share! I’m planning to do one for SPAL that lists them all in a single post… then again maybe I should break it up. I just need to get to it…

  2. Pinterest, sigh, is my addiction on the internet.

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