From the Cutting Room Floor

I’m editing Clash of Legends and as I go things get cut. Here’s the first major chunk to get removed. There’s no spoilers, but there IS adult language.

After several minutes of driving over what felt like boulders, the truck pulled to a stop.

Micah threw his cards on the floor and stood. “I’m gonna go find out what the fuck is going on.”

He threw back the cover and hopped out of the truck. Katelina only hesitated a second before she followed him.

They’d been right about the terrain; instead of a road they were on a snowy, rocky patch of ground. She could hear the sound of a car in the distance, probably the highway they should have been on.

She rounded the truck as Micah threw opened the driver’s door. “What the hell?”

Oren looked up from the map spread over the steering wheel. “I have enough to deal with without your interference!”

Katelina came to a stop behind the bald vampire and looked past Torina’s angry face to Jorick’s. “What’s going on?”

“We’re lost,” Torina said angrily. “I told him we needed to turn left.”

“Shut up!” Oren shouted. He grabbed the map and waved it around. “Even if I could speak Chinese this thing wouldn’t make any sense! This says there is a road right here, but do you see a road? Do you? No!”

Micah jerked the map from his hands and studied it. “Is this where we’re supposed to be?” He jabbed an airplane symbol on the map

“No! That’s on the other side of China!” Oren jerked the map out of his hands.

“Well excuse me all to hell mister sunshine! Why don’t we just fucking turn around?”

“Obviously we’re going to have to,” Torina said. “And then turn Left.”

“Fine,” Oren snapped and ground the truck into gear. “Get back in the truck or stay behind.”

A bit of fun but it serves no plot purpose. Now back to chopping!

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  1. If that’s the stuff you’ve chucked out, I can’t wait to read what’s left.


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