Authors and Bloggers Against Piracy Blog Tour

An anti-piracy blog tour. I look at this as a chance to say the pirates, “Hey, see how much better it is to have the official copy? No glitches, no messed up formatting, no missing pages, no viruses, no weird files that aren’t what you were trying to download, and you can leave reviews if you want because you’ve actually *bought* the book – see how much better this is than getting it from some crappy site that’s full of viruses and often has screwed up copies?” Plus it’s used to raise awareness – just like wearing a pink t-shirt with a witty slogan doesn’t do ANYTHING to cure breast cancer, but it raises awareness of the issue in a way that people find amusing or fun. And free books are a good way to get readers and bloggers to participate and to draw attention to the fact that this is not okay. We’re not like JK Rowling. We’re not rolling in dough. You’re not hurting a publisher, you’re hurting an author. Or that’s my take on it.

Maegan Provan, Author

You know, you hear about authors having their books stolen all the time, and you pray it never happens to you. Yesterday, the latest website to illegally distribute books from hard working authors was exposed. The community rose up and has done a lot to have those books removed. Of course, the sad fact remains that that won’t be the last website to provide illegal downloads of books.

Tricia pointed out to me that simply holding copyright doesn’t mean as much as it should. Anyone can still come in and take your hard work simply because they want to. If you don’t have the money to hire a lawyer to fight the person that stole your work, you are out of luck. She also made an excellent point. People think that because we are published, we are all like J.K. Rowling, rolling around in money and on the cusp of a…

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  1. lccooper

     /  March 3, 2015

    Amen, Jo until writers have a way to send a tasers bolt through to the pirate, our best solution is to show a unified force. It would be nice iflegislators come on board, but in Washington right now, they can’t find their rear ends with two hands and a flashlight. Similarly, we will never get China’s and North Korea’s governments to stop supporting this kind of behavior because they are determined to undermineour governments, our freedoms, and our lifestyles.

    • LC!!!! Hey!!!! Good to see you lady!! How are you? I just finished Reluctant Vampire last week and owe you a review on my review site. Ha ha! That was fun!

  2. I would say to many authors, if you don’t want your book stolen, stop asking outrageous prices. You may look at it as your first born, but readers look at it as just something to read.

  3. If legislators get involved you will find yourself so wrapped in rules and regulations you will never have a free press again.


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