The Year of the Sheep

I may have missed the celebrations for the Lunar New Year, but that hasn’t stopped some very awesome people from hosting a very awesome giveaway. It’s the year of the Sheep and that means that it’s finally time for the reviewers at I Smell Sheep Book Review Blog to take over the world  to host an awesome giveaway. In fact, it’s so awesome, that even Jorick, Katelina, and Verchiel have gotten in the spirit:


There are sixteen days left to enter, so hop on over to their pasture on the web and enter to win some amazing swag and prizes. Or don’t. Because if you don’t it means I’m more likely to win my very own Baaart. While you’re there, check out their posts, and their very spiffy Book Review Blog award from Predators and Editors. Go Sheep!

Now, everyone, say “Baaaaaaaaaa!”


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  1. Throw your hooves in the air like you just don’t care!


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