Sunday Surprise

The amazing Barbara Tarn was kind enough to interview – check out me being totally honest!

creative barbwire (or the many lives of a creator)

sog advertAnd it’s a guest! And an old friend, since her first interview came out with her first book that I loved (and it came out before more famous shades of gray was published – and it’s a completely different genre!)! So, here we are again, almost five years later, another six books for a great series I keep recommending whenever someone asks me. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back fellow indie author and beta swapper Joleene Naylor!

Where do you live and write from?

We recently moved back to southwest Iowa, which is where I grew up at it. There are things I miss about southern Missouri, like the warmth, but there are things I’m enjoying. Like autumn was much autumn-ier here. The change of location hasn’t had any impact on my writing, except that the moving and house renovations put me behind.

Why do you write?

Hmmm. Everyone asks…

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  1. Joleene: loved this interview. You are a very interesting person and your writing is GREAT! PLEASE do not stop the Amaranthine Seriers. I love this story line and all the people in each book ( some alot more than others) LOL ! Your writing has renewed my faith in reading again and I would be sad to see this story line end. Thank You


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