Clash of Legends Official Trailer

Yes, I cheated and used the promo images. It’s long, and I won;t be offended if no one makes it to the end – But for a change I have a trailer 😉 Ha ha!

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  1. I reviewed you 2nd book today! Lots of love, Emily

  2. The illustrations are interesting – so many of the characters seem to be teenagers, or no more than young adults. The music is very effective too.

  3. Loren–a teen vampire who doesn’t go to high school… This was so funny. I love your humor!

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    The countdown continues. I’m so excited for Clash of Legends: Book 7 in the Amaranthine series by Joleene Naylor!

  5. Love the trailer for book seven!!! Counting down with you and can’t wait.

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  7. I loved it, and I watched it to the end. Well done, Jo.

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    Joleene Naylor is one of my fav authors. Just watch this trailer for her latest book and you’ll see why.

  9. Nicely done. It was easy to watch until the end.

  10. It needed to be long, so slow readers like me could read all the blurbs without having to hit the pause button.


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