Authors and Bloggers Against Piracy

The official blog tour is coming up soon. Maegan Provan has been working overtime to get the website up and running. When you have time, take a moment to check it out, including the tour schedule – aka a schedule of free ebooks for YOU – and the very cool extras page. Are you an author? Be sure to read Maegan’s tips for how to deal with book piracy.

Want to share the tour? Or just make a statement on your blog/website? Tricia Drammeh has put together some HTML code to make it easy! Just copy the code below the image and paste it into your blog or website code. (use the HTML tab for blogs)
 photo authors and bloggers against piracy_zpsqem5dvt7.png

<a href=”“><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=” photo authors and bloggers against piracy_zpsqem5dvt7.png”/></a>

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  1. Reblogged this on Readsalot.

  2. I signed up for this and they don’t have me on the schedule? Oh well… Lots of love, Emily

    • Did you confirm with Maegan? You have to confirm in order to be scheduled because several people have dropped out. You can do that on the fact book page out by replying to the email she sent.

    • Emily, I had Tricia send you a message on your Facebook and your book that you offered for a giveaway is on the official schedule. Please email me at so that we can work out the details.


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