Amaranthine Hunger Games – Day 2

(This was suggested to me by the very cool Jen Johnson. You can thank her for filling up your blog readers with nonsense.)


The Hunger Games. Pitting wits and strength against luck. We all know who survived in the real series, but what if the characters of Amaranthine had to play? Who would live and who would die? Let’s let BrantSteele decide!

Day 2:

The sun rises. Those who are still alive thank their lucky stars and start their day:

Kai poisons Loren‘s drink, but mistakes it for his own and dies.

Samael, Wolfe, and Kioko hunt for other tributes.

Sadihra questions her sanity.

Arlen tries to spear fish with a trident.

Micah, Maeko, Senya, Oren, and Jorick track down and kill Malick.

Etsuko scares Torina off.

Ronnell receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

Bren accidently steps on a landmine.


Darkness approaches. 6 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

District 10
District 6
District 11
District 10
District 6
District 5


The survivors try to make it through another night:

Loren and Senya fight Sadihra and Wolfe. Sadihra and Wolfe survive.

Micah destroys Oren‘s supplies while he is asleep.

Ronnell thinks about winning.

Arlen receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

Maeko, Jorick, and Kioko discuss the games and what might happen in the morning.

Torina passes out from exhaustion.

Etsuko sets up camp for the night.

Samael receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.


Who do you think will win? Is your horse still in the race? Come back tomorrow for Day 3!

DAY 3 –>

(Want to play your own customized hunger games? Check out

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  1. Glad to see Jorick and Maeko are still in.

  2. Jorick, Jorick, Jorick!

    Serves Kai right for trying to poison Loren.

  3. Duh, Kai.


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