Amaranthine Hunger Games – Day 3

(This was suggested to me by the very cool Jen Johnson. You can thank her for filling up your blog readers with nonsense.)


The Hunger Games. Pitting wits and strength against luck. We all know who survived in the real series, but what if the characters of Amaranthine had to play? Who would live and who would die? Let’s let BrantSteele decide!

Day 3:

The sun rises. Insects chirp. Reptiles skitter. Injuries ooze blood. Who will survive today?

Oren attempts to climb a tree, but falls on Sadihra, killing them both.

Wolfe scares Micah off.

Etsuko runs away from Arlen.

Maeko defeats Jorick in a fight, but spares his life.

Kioko and Samael split up to search for resources.

Torina thinks about home.

Ronnell receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.



As night comes on 4 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

District 4
District 5
District 3
District 7


The survivors settle in for their third night

Micah convinces Torina to snuggle with him.

Ronnell receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.

Etsuko lets Maeko into her shelter.

Wolfe climbs a tree to rest.

Samael falls into a frozen lake and drowns.

Jorick tries to sing himself to sleep.

Kioko severely injures Arlen and leaves him to die.


Who do you think will win? Will Maeko’s kindness get her killed? Did Samael’s death surprise you? Come back tomorrow for Day 4!

DAY 4 –>

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  1. That’s so perfect. I love that Maeko spared Jorick’s life.

  2. I thought Maeko sparing Jorick’s life was good, too.

    Yay! He’s still alive, though it’s funny to think of him singing himself to sleep.

  3. Hmm, Ronnel and his mystery person.


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