Amaranthine Hunger Games – Day 7

(This was suggested to me by the very cool Jen Johnson. You can thank her for filling up your blog readers with nonsense.)


The Hunger Games. Pitting wits and strength against luck. We all know who survived in the real series, but what if the characters of Amaranthine had to play? Who would live and who would die? Let’s let BrantSteele decide!

Day 7:

The sun rises, and Wolfe goes on a rampage. Camouflage is the only escape.

Etsuko camouflages herself in the bushes.

Wolfe bashes Kioko‘s head in with a mace.

Jorick camouflages himself in the bushes.


As the suns sets, 2 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

District 3
District 8


As they settle in to sleep, Jorick takes care of the problem:

Etsuko goes to sleep.

Jorick strangles Wolfe with a rope.


Who do you think will win now that it’s down the the last two? Come back tomorrow for Day 8!

DAY 8 –>

(Want to play your own customized hunger games? Check out

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  1. I can’t believe how attached I am to these posts. LOL Jorick’s so close. Come on, Jorick! Make it! *chants Jorick’s name*

  2. I love it. Jorick strangles Wolfe. Well, he does like to take care of problems.


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