#FirstLine Friday (Fantasy Novel)

I got this from Rami Ungar, who got the idea from a facebook group. On Friday you post the first one or two lines from one of your stories, novels, works in progress or potential stories with the tag #FirstLineFriday (with hashtag). He thought it would be fun to see the idea move into blogs (and start a trend), and I agree.

Today’s selection comes from a fantasy story my brother and I are writing. This is not *really* the first line because the first chapter is written by him, but the second chapter is mine, so this is *my* first line.

Smoke rose towards the sky in a twisting, serpentine spiral and the air was filled with the rasping chant of praise and supplication in the old tongue.

Wasn’t that fun?

Want to participate in #FirstLineFriday? Just post a blog with that it the title and share your sentences!

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  1. That put images in my head. I saw forests, people in elaborate costumes, the works.

  2. love it, love it, love it. What a great first line.


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