#FirstLineFriday (Abandoned Beginning)

Happy Friday! With Friday comes not only the weekend, but also First Line Friday where authors share the first line or two of a story, novel, work in progress, or even an abandoned work. Authors title their post #FirstLineFriday – just like this – and then the fun begins.

Speaking of abandoned, this week I dug through some old files looking for something (which of course was not labeled) so I had to read a bunch of old documents. Among them I found a two paragraph beginning of…of I have no idea. Maybe it was a book. Maybe it was a short story. Either way, I’ve now saved it in a new folder and may try to use it for a story about Xandria one of these days.

The night spread above; the sky a black curtain dotted with tiny diamond stars. Street lamps glowed like artificial suns and lent their surreal light to two lonely figures.

When will I actually use these lines to make a story? I have no idea. I need to finish Beldren still, and then get back to Masque of the Vampire (book 8). Speaking of book 8, preorder links are starting to appear – it’s up at Barnes and Noble. The description and cover are  more placeholders than anything, but it’s there anyway.

If you enjoyed this blog, why not join #FirstLineFriday? I look forward to your first lines!

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  1. I’m certainly glad you joined #FirstLineFriday.

  2. Very nice.

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