The Party Starts Sunday!

banner by Maegan Provan

banner by Maegan Provan

The last book release didn’t have as much promotion as usual. I skipped the blog tour because despite promotional promises they tend to be more headache than they produce in sales. With that in mind I might just skip it  for the next book, Masque of the Vampire, too. But that doesn’t mean you guys shouldn’t get a chance at some awesome swag! To make sure you do, I am cramming two books’ worth of prizes into one week of Facebook party madness!

And anyone can join. Just go to the event page and click the “going” button. 

It’s not just prizes that make a party fun (though I do love them), but there will also be games, discussions, interviews, guest authors, and excerpts from Masque of the Vampire (totally unedited excerpts). Just take a look at the awesome schedule of events.

signature for whiteIt all starts Sunday, October 11th, so what are you waiting for, sign up and get ready for a week of fun – Amaranthine style!

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    Can’t wait! See you there

  2. Can’t wait. I’m excited. But I didn’t catch what timezone you’re using.

  3. best of luck with it…still doing book covers? Loved the last two you did for me…

  4. Check out Amaranthine by Enya on itunes (close spelling). Could go with your book cover for Amarantine!

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  6. Joleene, I’ve nominated you for the Starlight Blogger Award. Head over to my blog for details.

  7. I hope you get a ton of sales! That is exciting!

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