#FirstLineFriday (Chapter Seven)

FLFMerry Christmas! It’s time for #FirstLineFriday! On Friday, authors post the first one or first two lines of a potential work, a work-in-progress, or a published work  on their blog, and title the post #FirstLineFriday (just like this). It’s  a lot of fun, so feel free to join in! You can share your link on my blog comments, or on Rami Ungar’s (the brains behind FLF).

Today’s first line comes from Chapter Seven of Masque of the Vampire (available for pre-order with an April 1st release date) :

It was near two a.m. when they stopped for gas near the Canadian border. Signs advertising tourist stops peppered the gas station.

“It was almost two a.m.” might be better – what do you think?

What’s your first line for the week?signature for white


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  1. Almost is better.
    Here’s mine, the first book I’m going to complete after my year’s holiday
    “The man’s face was ancient as time. Deep crevasses lined his forehead and shrunken cheeks, barely interrupting their flow at his battered, misshapen nose. Yet his eyes were bright blue and crystal clear like those of a young child.”

  2. Reblogged this on Readsalot.

  3. I would go with “Just before 2 A.M., they stopped for gas….” Especially if you are building up to a peak.

  4. “Near 2 AM” sounds fine to me. You know, I hear Canada is a lot of fun. One of these days I’ll have to go there.


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