Interview at My Book Place

booksThe folks at My Book Place were awesome enough to post an interview with me! They had some amazing questions, and I hope my answers were (at least a little) interesting.

For instance:

What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?
Masque of the Vampire – to be released April 1, 2016 – is the eighth book in the Amaranthine series and, though it has plenty of blood, action, and vampires, it is inspired by the classic British mystery; a guest at a well-to-do days long party ends up dead. Who killed them? Why? Instead of a dead guest I have a series of child murders, a mysterious locked door in the attic, a phantom stalker, and a cast of suspicious characters.

Check out the full interview to find out about timey-whimey writing, why deleting can be awesome, and why I find Tricia Drammeh and C.G. Coppola’s books inspiring!


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