Masque of the Vampire – Collector’s Edition Cover Reveal

I’ve had several people ask, “Is there going to be a collector edition of Masque of the Vampire with the hand drawn cover?” The answer to this is yes. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa – I mean, yes vampire lover, there will be a collector edition.

I don’t have links yet (Create Space – aka the paperback people – do not allow for pre-orders) but I do have the cover, so I thought I’d share it with you.

collector's edition

The cover features a new character Annabelle. I’ve had her planned for a long, long time, so I was excited to finally get to use her. Of course writing her turned out to be different than I thought, but that’s the fun of writing.

Though there’s no preorder for the paperback, you can preorder the ebook from:

Barnes & Noble
Apple iBooks

Let me know what you think. Good? Bad? Indifferent?


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  1. Good – it’s simple, relevant and attractive 👍😃

  2. Hey Jo – the cover is fine, BUT – it’s like the ones you did for the “pen portraits” over the last little while. They were OK because that’s what they were, focused on a single individual. For the new book it seems to me it is all right to have the new character the feature on the cover, but something should be happening. – if only very subtlyk, as in a piece of liver in her hand, or heart, or dagger. . .dripping. . .something red. . .

    Just an opinion. . .

  3. I LOVE this cover, esp. the red gown and mask.

  4. she looks cool. Is she going to be bad bad bad?

  5. Love the two color theme Jo!


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