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Hello! And welcome to the weekend Amaranthine interviews where YOU ask the questions!

In honor of the new book, I’m going to give Katelina some time off and conduct these interviews myself. See what a good author I am?

35-samaelToday we have Samael. Though he’s our first interviewee, it’s only fair to admit that he, Katelina, Verchiel, and Micah tied for the number one spot, with Jorick one vote shy, knocking him clear to fifth place. He’s been complaining all week.

Jo: Enough set up. On with the show! Welcome, Samael.

Samael: Thank you. What is this…interview event?

J: It’s not really an event. It’s more like: The readers send me questions, I ask them to you, and you answer.

S: I see. Much like the question and answer session from your October party.

J: Right, except it’s focused on one character at a time. Anyway, we have questions. Let’s start with an easy one. Steve would like to know if your friends call you Sam?

S: They can if they wish. A name is of no importance, it’s only a garment one wears for a time. Samael is no more my name than any of the others I’ve been called over the centuries. Sammane, Kanghui, Gong Gong…they mean nothing.

J: Very existential. Laura asks why are you so attached to Katelina?

S: She is the one who woke me from my death-like slumber and made possible my soon-to-be-exacted revenge on the she-demon of hell [Lilith – J]. For that I owe her a debt of gratitude. There are those who say in legends that the one who woke me would be the reincarnation of Ji [One of Samael’s wives – J], but whether there is truth to this I cannot say. I can read the hearts and minds of all, but the mysteries of the soul are a secret even to me.

J: Don’t look at me. I never know anything that’s going on. Moving along. The next question comes from Amy. Will you always honor your connection with Katelina and offer your protection, or is she on her own now?

S: As recompense I would have made her a queen, it is only because she does not wish so that I haven’t. If she requires – and desires – protection from she will have it, so long as she does betray me.

J: Hang on. Are you expecting her to betray you?

S: I expect nothing, however betrayal always comes as a surprise, otherwise it would not be betrayal.

J: Well, you have a point. That brings us to the next question. Bonnie wants to know if you would ever trust a lover again?

S: A better question would be do I desire one, and the answer is no. I desire peace, quiet, and to be obeyed.

J: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Obeyed? Wait a minute. You’re supposed to be a good guy. Which bring us to Bonnie’s second question: Why do you want to subjugate the humans?

S: Good and bad are subjective. On to the question, I do not know that I desire to subjugate them, as you imagine it. I do not expect the world to fall upon their knees; it is far too large a realm for me to bother with. Even Nu-wa would never have tried to manage such an expanse. A small kingdom is more than enough. As the last of Nu-wa’s known bloodline, what was once her kingdom will do fine, unless [Lilith] has created one, then I shall take it instead. Once I have, it is not only humans who will bend their knee, but the immortal children as well. What goes on beyond the borders of my kingdom will be of no consequence, but within it those who share the gift of the gods will need to prove their worth. Immortality is not something that should have been given lightly; it is Lilith’s fault that such has occurred.

J: Right, because all the other vampires, all over the world, had nothing to do with it. Never mind. Speaking of god powers and such, Steve wants to know how you throw those energy balls.

S: It is the magic of an ancient god.

J: In other words you know nothing about psychic energy or science. It’s all just magic?

S: As with my own, those are only names; words. In every language they would be called something different, yet they share the same meaning.

J: There’s no arguing with you, is there? Dawn wants to know if you are falling in love with Katelina, and if you would kill Jorick to get her.

S: There is no such thing as love. It is a myth and a lie we tell to ourselves and others, a false god we worship at the altar of our own ego. Not to say one may not have concern for another’s well-being, or even a desire to see someone happy, but in the end such things are selfish in nature. One wishes another to be happy so they may bask in the happiness and the feeling of accomplishment that they made the other happy.

J: I’m gonna stop you there and ask, what about the killing Jorick part?

S: I see no reason to kill him, unless he gets in my way.

J: Riiiight. Alicia asked: Do you foresee a connection with Katelina and her abilities later on since the whole blood thing?

S: I imagine her abilities are affected, just as she was affected, since the blood was given to her before she was made immortal. What those effects will be in the long term I cannot say, for the gods I knew did not bestow their blood on mortal children, let alone mortal children then made immortal by another.

J: In other words you don’t know. Well, it looks like that’s all the time we have – and all the questions. Do you have anything you’d like to add?


J: Well, that was succinct for a change. Thanks to everyone who left questions and who stopped in to read. Check out the blog post where you can leave questions for Katelina, who will be next week’s interviewee and have a great week!


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  1. Samael sounds like he’s had a LOT of time to figure things out!!! 😉

  2. Loni Townsend

     /  March 30, 2016

    What fun!

  3. lol, whew. What an interview.

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