#FirstLineFriday (Chapter Twenty-Two)

FLFIt’s time for #FirstLineFriday! On Friday, authors post the first one or first two lines of a potential work, a work-in-progress, or a published work  on their blog, and title the post #FirstLineFriday (just like this). It’s  a lot of fun, so feel free to join in! You can share your link on my blog comments, or on Rami Ungar’s (the brains behind FLF).

Today’s first line comes from Chapter Twenty-Two of Masque of the Vampire – which is available  at all ebook retailers:

Katelina got ready for bed. She hadn’t seen Sarah all day, and her friend’s bedroom was sill deserted

Yeah, it’s a boring one. While editing the book, I did backtrack and rearrange some of the early chapters so they have better beginnings, alas this was not one of them. But, they can’t all start mid fight scene.

What do you think? What’s your first line for the week?

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FRONT COVER smallAnd don’t forget that you can order book 8, Masque of the Vampire, from all major ebook outlets:

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  1. Sounds worrisome. A disappearance, possibly?

  2. I’d never heard of #FirstLineFriday before you posted about it on Facebook but decided to try it out today as it sounded fun; can’t promise to do it every Friday though 😉

    Here’s mine:


    • Yay! So glad you joined us! #FLF is the brain child of Rami – it’s a lot of fun! I miss them sometimes myself unless I schedule them up ahead :p

  3. No blood and guts spread all over the place but knowing your work, that’s still to come.

  4. Masque of the vampire. Vhapter 6… Katelina stumbled backwards and dropped the chair.

  5. Adan Ramie

     /  April 22, 2016

    You’re right, Joleene. This one definitely needs work. You can tell a story is there between Katelina and Sarah, and one wonders where Sarah is, but… it isn’t urgent. She could as well be out for a long walk as kidnapped. What it needs is more tension. Good luck!


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