Katelina’s Follow-up Bonus Interview

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Though Katelina’s interview was last week, I got a few follow up questions that I thought were worth addressing, so here is our first ever Follow Up Bonus Interview!

Jo: Hello Katelina! Thanks for coming back!

01-katelinaKatelina: Um, I guess you’re welcome.

J: Good. I’ll take I that means you want to play nicely. In that case, let’s get right to it. Alicia wants to know: What are your feelings towards Verchiel?

K: Wow. Talk about getting right to it. He’s okay, I guess.

J: Seriously? That’s your answer?

K: *shrugs* What did you expect? I mean I’d be sad if I thought he was dead, I guess.

J: Newsflash, you were sad when you thought he was dead, remember?

K: Well I said I would be. But I was sad when Rachel died and I’d only known her – what? A week?

J: Are you trying to say you’re emotional?

K: Do you have other questions, or should I  find something else to do?

J: I do, actually. Alicia also asked: How do you feel about being a vampire now?

K: It would have been better if Jorick had turned me…

J: That’s a perfect lead in for our next question: What’s your feelings on having Micah as your maker?

K: Now that’s a good question. I’m not excited about it. It was supposed to be Jorick, with lots of candles and some soft music playing…like one of the more romantic renditions of Dracula. But I guess if I had to pick someone besides Jorick, he’s all right. It could have been Loren. Not that he’s bad, but he has no abilities . Worse, it could have been Oren. Or Torina.

J: Or Verchiel. Fun fact, it almost was.

K: Excuse me?

J: In Japan. After the shrine, I originally planned to have everyone get split up and you’d be injured and Verchiel would have to turn you to save you. It was a really good scene. But it just made things waaaaay too complicated and made you a mind reader, which I didn’t want.

Speaking of powers, we have a question about that. Alicia wants to know: What power do you want most and least?

K: *stares* I wanted to be a mind reader! As my author, how could you not want that?

J: It’s a fix-all. I wrote a mind reading character in an RP once and it makes everything too easy.

K: Yeah, but I’m developing some mind reading, so HA to you!

J:Only the ones I let you. I am your God, ha ha! Do not forget that! But you didn’t say what powers you don’t want.

K: I think they’d all be pretty handy. Except maybe the cupid. Jorick is jealous enough. I can’t imagine what he’d do if people couldn’t help but be attracted to me. Plus, I don’t think I’d know how to handle it.

J: It doesn’t quite work like that, but fair enough. Our final question comes from Laura. Are you noticing new powers you haven’t told anyone about yet or do you think you will?

K: I hope the mind reading gets better – that it actually becomes useful like Jorick’s – but past that I don’t think I’ll get anything else. If there were any more traits from Samael they’d have manifested while I was still human, right? *waits* Right?

J: Huh? Oh, are you talking to me? I don’t know. There’s not really a precedent for it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

K: Joy. Please, anyone reading this, please find me a real author. Please!

J: And that’s all the time we have! Be sure to check out the blog where you can leave Jorick a question, and be on the lookout for the interview with Verchiel that will post later today, not that he’ll be any more cooperative.

And if you missed Katelina’s previous interview, check it out too! 

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