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Hello! And welcome to the weekend Amaranthine interviews where YOU ask the questions!

In honor of the new book, I’m going to give everyone else some time off and conduct these interviews myself. See what a good author I am?

Today we’re interviewing Kai. Ordinarily Sorino would be here too, since he considers Kai his property and all that, but I don’t think the questions lend themselves to his presence, so I’ve distracted him with a room of antiques.

23-kaiJo: So with Sorino gone, hello Kai! Since you’re not one for chatting, let’s get right to the questions!  I mentioned that I distracted Sorino with antiquities, and Bonnie asks: Are you interested in ancient stuff?

Kai: *shrug*

J: Oh, no. I’m sorry. Out of character or not you have to answer, or I’ll get Wolfe and his truth serum again. Though I admit, I don’t know what it might do to humans…

K: *shrug*

J: Is that all you’re going to do?

K: No. That is the answer to the question. Because Master and I are linked, some of his love comes across, but on my own I am indifferent to them.

J: Okay. Moving on, Dawn asks: Sorino does some underhanded things and you seem like a good person. Does it bother you when he makes you help him? *pokes Kai with a stick* Answer me.

K: *sighs* Sometimes. When it affects those who don’t deserve the consequences. Most of master’s trading partners are as “underhanded” as he is and so they deserve it.

J: There. Was that so hard? Anyway, while we’re on the subject of thing Sorino does, Dawn also asked: Why do you think he puts you on a leash and do you wish he would stop?

K: It does not bother me. Master uses the leash so we will not become separated. Even should a whisperer try to lure me, I would be unable to go. There was a stronger danger of that when I was smaller.

J: Sorino pretty much raised you, didn’t he?

K: Yes. I was two or three when my family was killed by rogues and Master saved me.

J: So it’s kind of a savior/kidnapper/Stockholm thing. With that in mind, Dawn also asked: Do you love Sorino?

K: Of course.

J: You don’t care to expound on that? No? All right then. Bonnie asked: Do you enjoy traveling with Sorino?

K: I do not always enjoy our destinations, but I know that they’re temporary so it’s all right.


aod top cover

You can meet Kai in book 4

J: I think she meant more of “Do you enjoy traveling WITH Sorino” rather than “Do you enjoy TRAVELING with Sorino”, but okay. Amy has more specifically asked: Do you wish you were free of Sorino?

K: *looks confused* No.

J: Another short answer. Don’t make me get the pokey stick again. Alicia asked: Do you want to eventually be turned, and if so when?

K: Yes, I do. Master says I am not old enough yet. A vampire must be able to take care of themselves in all regards, in case something ill befalls their master. That includes both the vampire’s world, and the humans, and Master says I must be an adult for this to happen.

J: I’d ask how old he has in mind, but I doubt you know.

K: Master has said that twenty-five is an optimal time.

J: Yay for specifics, I guess. Lisa asked: Why do you want to be turned (or not)?

K: *shrugs* There has never been a question of wanting or not wanting it. Vampirism is the next stage of development.

J: I suppose being raised by a vampire, immortality would be the same to you as adulthood is to a normal person – and children all want to “grow up”, so it makes sense. Okay, Bonnie asked: Once you are turned do you want to stay with him or pay your blood debt and go?

K: To remain with Master.

J: Not surprising. Amy asks: What would you do if you were without Sorino?

K: Master’s instructions in the eventuality of separation are to find a safe place and wait. He will find me through the Link.

J: I think she means if he was dead, or if he left you. Like after you’re turned, for instance.

K: *blinks* Master could not be killed so easily. And he would not- Why would he…Have I displeased him in some way?

J: Never mind. I can see you’re getting upset. Christine asks: Kai are you happy with life?

K: Yes.

mini prologue vs 200

Kai has a cameo in the FREE mini-prologue collection

J: That’s it? Just yes?

K: It is a yes or no question. *shrugs* The answer is yes.

J: Wow. You’re pedantic, aren’t you? Fine. Alicia asks: Can you tell me what exactly are you capable of?

K: Do you mean vampiric abilities? If so I have low level mind reading and some whisperer powers, though they are nothing when compared with Master’s. However I have a stronger connection to Master’s mind.

J: So you can read Sorino’s thoughts?

K: Only when Master allows me to.

J: Eh. Figures. Laura asks: do you have powers no one knows about?

K: I can’t hide anything from Master.

J: *eye roll* No, of course not. She meant other people.

K: *looks confused* Which other people?

J: Oh never mind! Amy asks: Can you read Jorick’s mind, and/or Verchiel’s? If you can, what juicy tidbits can you tell us?

K: No. I can only read weaker minds. Katelina’s is getting harder to read now that she is one of them. Her friend, Sarah, is easy –

J: Whoa, whoa! I know the book has been out a month, but no spoilers yet, okay?  Speaking of Katelina, Laura asks: Are you helping Katelina or setting her up for trouble?

K: *shrugs* If you mean by helping her learn mind reading then yes, I meant to help her. Her Master is not as good with instruction as mine and she does not understand as much of our world as she should.

kai and sorinoJ: No, that she doesn’t. And for a final question, Amanda asks: What do you love and hate most about yourself?

K: I dislike the scar on my forehead. Master also wishes it were not there. It’s from the attack when the rogues killed my human family. After Master pulled me through the flames we were confronted with three vampires. I was injured in the fight, and Master gave me his blood, but since I was small he could not give me enough to erase the damage without turning me. I don’t have a clear memory of this, but master does and I have seen it through him.

J: You must have some memory or Katelina couldn’t have accessed it.

K: True. But it is a deep memory that I am not consciously aware of, nor can I purposely access it. A mind reader could of course.

J: Of course. And for the rest of the question, what do you love?

K: *looks thoughtful* Other than that I am content with myself as I am, both physically and mentally. I think the low level whisperer abilities are the most useful aspects. I have only developed those I the last two years.  I’m looking forward to being immortal and having them fully realized.

J: And with that we’re out of time! Thanks so much to Kai for.. .well, for answering the questions as best he can, I suppose. And thank you for leaving them. Be sure to stop by the post where you can ask Torina a question for next week!

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  1. dawn muuss

     /  May 9, 2016

    Wow you got Kai to talk (a little) amazing lol.

  2. Amanda

     /  May 9, 2016

    I think that I’m going to either really like or completely loathe Sorino. I’m pretty sure there will not be a middle ground.

  3. Alicia

     /  May 9, 2016

    Thank you Kia I look forward to hearing from you again and seeing you help katelina.

  4. I would hope, once you are changed, you will have your own mind.

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