Ask Loren a Question!

amaranthine interviews

It’s time to torture – I mean interview – the Amaranthine characters!

This week it’s Loren’s turn. Leave your questions for him in a comment and next Sunday we’ll see what he has to say for himself!

(Post closes Saturday, June 4th, 2016)

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  1. Are you looking for someone to spend the rest of your nights with? Do you think you’ll find true love?

  2. Dawn muuss

     /  May 30, 2016

    What was Jorick like before Katelina came along? Why did you feel such a need to run off and fight in a war? You’re a man in your 30’s does it bother you that people treat you like a kid?

  3. Amy Wilson

     /  May 30, 2016

    Everyone seems to like you, and I don’t think anyone considers you a threat. Do you use that to your advantage? Do you agree with Micah and think that Verchiel is up to no good? What do you think of that whole Katelina/Jorick/Verchiel/Micah thing?

  4. Loren are you happy? Would you leave and go your own way if you could?

  5. gingervixen1983

     /  June 5, 2016

    Your story breaks my heart and I’m glad you had Jorick, my question is how exactly did you two find each other?

  6. Alicia

     /  June 5, 2016

    Why do like Micah so much, do you miss your arm, do you like katelina for jorick, and are you looking for a girlfriend

  7. Dawn Muuss

     /  June 5, 2016

    Does it upset you that you don’t have any special Vampire powers and if you could pick a power which one would you want?

  8. what weapon do you use now that you only have one arm? Do you blame Traven for what happened or do you think it was an accident? Are you glad he’s dead? What do you really think about Micah? Jorick? Katelina?

  9. Jennifer Gruenberg

     /  June 6, 2016

    What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done and/or want to do for fun?

  10. Just exactly, how old are you….? 😉

  11. Loren I know you have had it rough… Are you looking for a love interest or do you have one your hiding.

  12. Sharon Aldrich

     /  June 8, 2016

    If there was 1 thing you could do, and I mean anything, what would it be?

  13. Angela Mary Johnson

     /  June 9, 2016

    If an evil Genie, offered you 3 wishes, would yu take them and what would yu do with them? ❤

  1. Interview with Etsuko | Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

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