It’s Out!

I need to take a moment to squee excitedly in a fan girl kind of way because the fourth book in the Arizal series by the awesome CG Coppola is out! I took the liberty of stealing this form her official blog announcement:


Fallon has just returned from three months of training and is eager to fight against those who enslaved her. Joining up with Reid and the gang, they set out to prepare for the Vermix’s final attack—a highly prophesied invasion that could mean the possible end to a centuries-long war. But when unforeseen events arise, causing the plan of defense to crumble, it will take everything they have to survive what will certainly become a turning point in the Arizal War.

Find it on Smashwords here.

Find it on Amazaon here.

If you’re not reading this fantasy/sci-fi/romance/adventure series then I have one word for you: Why? No, seriously, why? No, I don’t want to hear excuses! Especially when the first book is FREE! Yeah, that means it costs nothing. Zero. Nadda. So hop on over to Smashwords, grab your free copy, and get lost in an awesome series!

(And then come back here so we can fan girl together!)


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  1. Thanks, Joleene! It means so much that you enjoy it!!!! Can’t wait for you to see what happens in this one!

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  3. Loni Townsend

     /  June 3, 2016

    Woot! I picked up my copy!


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