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Hello! And welcome to the weekend Amaranthine interviews where YOU ask the questions!

In honor of the new book, I’m going to give everyone else some time off and conduct these interviews myself. See what a good author I am?

08-Oren Jo: And since I am doing these myself instead of having my (lazy) characters handle them, I missed last week because I was sick (boo!). But we’re here now, and ready to welcome Oren! Since everyone’s waited long enough, let’s get right to it. Steve asks: Oren how did it come about that you are Jorick’s fledgling?

O: Yes. I suppose it’s best to get this over quickly. How did I…That’s easy enough, though not very interesting. Jorick’s uncle – no. I don’t suppose it was his uncle. Anyway, the owner of the neighboring plantation died quite suddenly and Jorick appeared, calling himself the man’s nephew. Of course he took over the property, and we became acquaintances. Neighbors were closer to what modern people would call friends in those days, and despite Jorick’s best efforts to be left alone we were often in one another’s business. My wife, Jesslynn, was the one who noticed that Jorick didn’t age, was never sick, and never appeared in daylight. Tristan, our youngest, was ill with whatever malady had taken most of our other children, and in desperation she sent me to Jorick to demand his secret. I didn’t believe there was a secret, and was surprised not only to discover the truth, but that he agreed to share it. To this day I don’t know why he did instead of simply killing me.

J: I’m not sure he knows, either. Also from Steve: what did it feel like at the time? Was it erotic?

O: Erm…I-I couldn’t say. It was far more involved than what our readers have since been exposed to; no slap-dash desperate thing, it involved preparations and such, for instance removing most of a person’s body hair – I imagine at one time this had a practical purpose for the sake of cleanliness. I’d guess that was the way that Malick also turned him, and so he did the same.

J: Hmmmm…I’d be interested to read that. Dawn asks: Were you upset/jealous that Jorick has another fledgling?

O: Does she mean the Japanese child? No, I’m not jealous…surprised, yes, but then I suppose he’d have had to have made others. I only wonder if there are more, and if so how they escaped Malick’s clutches.

J: Another interesting quandary. Maybe some of that will show up in Jorick’s novel in 2017 (Yes, it is happening!) In the meantime, Amy asks: Do you regret any of the decisions you’ve made since turning?


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O: Yes, several. I wish I hadn’t turned my sister so hastily. That she would have been made immortal eventually is of no doubt, but to start things that way…And Jesslynn. I should have stopped her from turning the children. I believe that Alexander would have grown to manhood, though I admit Tristan would probably not have survived. Of course, I’ve often wondered if his life as a perpetual infant was survival or simply prison? Perhaps he’d have been better…Wait. What is this? Did you administer some of the truth serum you used on Jorick?

J: Nope. You’re just being unusually chatty. Maybe Etsuko has been good for you.

O: What are you implying? I-

J: This brings us to our next question, Jennifer asks: Why is everything a fight for you?

O: Hrmph. I’d like to know that as well. My author excels at miserable backstories, and she seems to feel I need more than my share. I don’t understand why she insists on drowning me in misfortune.

J: It’s your attitude. You never wanted to be immortal in the first place. You got stuck with it because Jesslynn wanted it, and so you see everything through a lens of not really wanting to be here, anyway.

O: If you’re going to answer the questions for me, why am I here?

J: Because I enjoy torturing you. Jennifer also asks: Do you ever let anything go and move on?

O: *choke* As a matter of fact yes, I do. It might seem like years because my hack author is so slow in churning out misery filled books, but it has only been six months since my wife of two hundred years and our two children, which had been alive nearly as long, were burned to death. When Jorick’s wife of only twelve years was killed he mourned for a 150 years! Yet no one accuses him of holding on to things!

J: Okay, okay, calm down. You’re touchy, I know. Dawn wants to know: Are you done with all the wars?

O: I’d say yes, but I imagine Jorick will drag us into what is going to be a final confrontation with Lilith. Assuming we live through it, I have no intention of fighting anyone else; those who murdered my family are all dead now. My revenge is finished.

J: That’s a good point. And you never really wanted a war with Claudius or Kateesha, or the rest of them, anyway, did you? Those were Torina and Jesslynn. Alicia asks: Do you want a new coven?


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O: Erm…I don’t know. There is an advantage to a coven…to be honest at the time I was turned we had a large household; my mother who lived with us had just recently died, there was my sister, my wife, our children, the slaves, and hired help. From that we went on to a coven…In truth I find having only Torina and Etsuko for company to be very…quiet. I don’t know if I like that or not.

J: I could see that. Dawn asks: Do you wish Jorick would live with you?

O: That I can answer: No. I’ve…enjoyed isn’t the word I want to use, but I’ve…endured this time of seeing Jorick nearly every day, and I’ll be quite satisfied to go back to seeing him only on occasion, as it used to be.

J: Basically you just want everything to go back to the way it used to be, right? Alicia wants to know: What do you think of Katelina?

O: Ah. Katelina. Contrary to popular opinion I don’t hate her I…she’s a complication. Yes… That’s it. Since she first appeared she’s been nothing but a complication. Things with Patrick and Michael fell apart because of her, though I’m aware it wasn’t her fault, still, she was the root cause. Since then she’s been the root cause of a lot of complications. Had Jorick turned her immediately, I think she’d have been less of a nuisance.

J: Well that’s nice. Amy asks: How has your opinion of Katelina evolved since meeting her?

O: Oh, you will force me into this! At first I found to her to be a vapid, shallow, stupid creature whose only purpose was to get in the way and cause trouble between men – as I mentioned she was a bone of contention between Patrick and Jorick who both thought they were in love with her. But I will admit that she is not as…She has her place, I suppose.

J: That’s all you’ve got?

O: I refuse to compliment her. Especially when you want me to.

J: In other words, you’re saying that if you keep going you’d end up saying something complimentary whether you like it or not? Ha! So basically-

O: Yes, yes, she’s….not as bad as I thought. Can we move on?

J: Heh-heh. You don’t really hate her after all. Alicia and Dawn both want to know: What do you think of Verchiel?

O: Oh, him. I think he’s a troublemaking irritant. I agree with Jorick and Micah that he’s up to something foul, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he’s absconded with Katelina. I don’t think he’s in love with her, or any romantic notion like that, but I think he’s after the same thing I was: revenge. Despite everything, Kateesha did turn him, and from what I can gather they had a relationship of a romantic nature. Then Kateesha abandoned him to come to colonies with Jorick. Essentially Jorick took the person who mattered most to him, especially if that ridiculousness about having no memory of before is true – imagine having the only person you know, the only one you remember ever loving or having loved you, taken away? Something like that can leave a dark mark on a man.

J: Hmmmm. I hadn’t really thought of it that way. You do make him sound sinister! Since you’re analyzing people, Alicia wants to know: why is your sister a bitch?

O: *snicker* That’s easy enough. Torina was born beautiful, even I can admit that, and she was spoiled from the moment of that birth. My mother was the same; in her youth she was considered the most beautiful woman in the township, add to that that her parents were wealthy and she was prone to be…exacting. A perfectionist. She demanded that Torina and I be perfect in deportment, in appearance, and Torina excelled at that. She could twist my parents around her finger and was rewarded for her efforts, even encouraged by my mother and my aunts, and my father, who might have had the good sense to see that a woman needed more than damask and doilies to survive, was too captivated by my mother to raise an objection to her methods or means. I always imagine that he hoped Torina would marry well and so not be his burden.

J: Instead you got stuck with her forever! Ha! Laura asks: Oren how do you honestly feel about your life as it is now?

O: Erm…I can’t really say. We’ve just gotten a new den – we haven’t even moved into it yet, and I don’t know how the new surroundings are going to be, or whether Torina and Etsuko will be able to get along or…Uncertain. Uncertain is how I feel.

J: Good answer. Speaking of Etsuko, Alicia asks: What are your intentions with Etsuko?


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O: Oh good…I-I don’t know that I have any intentions! She is my fledgling, yes, which means it’s my responsibility to see to her to some extent, at least until her blood debt has been paid, and then…I don’t know.

J: Oh come on. Amy asks: How have your opinions and feelings for Etsuko changed?

O: At first I had no opinion of her. She was the human servant of another but…Well, I must admit she is quite capable. Able to handle things without a complaint. And sensible. She is sensible. And calm. That’s a nice change. And quiet. She keeps her opinions to herself well, only interjects something when it’s actually useful.

J: In other words you like her.

O: Well, I won’t say I dislike her.

J: As Sherry says: Oren why don’t you just admit your relationship? Everyone knows already.

O: I…erm…we…I don’t know that we have a relationship…All right. Fine. Yes, Etsuko has decided that she’s in love with me. I said she was practical, but not completely logical. She’s still a woman with a romantic streak. But as far as having discussed it, or having agreed to anything…it isn’t as if she has spoken her feelings, or that I’ve asked her hand in marriage yet, or anything of that sort! I barely know the woman!

J: Yet. That was telling. Steve asks: Do you have something going on the side that Joleene is not sharing with her vast readership for shall we say discreet and sensitive reasons?

O: Something on the…such as what? Are you insinuating an illicit relationship with someone?

J: I don’t know. Do you? Never mind. I know the answer to that. Angels asks: So Oren, if an evil genie offered you 3 wishes, would you take them and what would you do with them?

O: The genie is evil? As in, the wishes you wish will  be brought to fruition in some terrible way, as in the story of the monkey’s paw? In that case I would ignore him. I’ve had my share of terrible things.

J: Well that was boring. And now for our final question from Penny: You seem to be tense most of the time. Do you ever do things just for fun? Have you thought of taking up knitting or crochet as a stress reliever?

O: Knitting?!? Crochet?!? I…Hardly! Of all the…As a matter of fact I do enjoy leisure activities. I like to read, though not as voraciously as Jorick, and I don’t have his hatred for television, until recently we had several in the house. I also enjoying plants; though my author never bothered to mention it, I had a green house before the Executioners destroyed everything with quite a unique collection of orchids, for instance. And I like military history. And I did enjoy horseback riding, though I admit I haven’t done that in some time. And cryptology. That’s always soothing.

J: Huh. Who knew. And with that we’re out of questions and time! Thanks to everyone who dropped a question, and who took the time to read Oren’s uncooperative answers! Be sure to check out the post where you can leave questions for Jorick’s other fledgling Maeko!

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    Oren, you scallywag. Let loose a little!

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