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Hello! And welcome to the weekend Amaranthine interviews where YOU ask the questions!

In honor of the new book, I’m going to give everyone else some time off and conduct these interviews myself. See what a good author I am?

22-sorino Jo: Today we are interviewing Sorino! Hello, Sorino! Let’s get right to it, shall we? Dawn asks: How old are you?

Sorino: Yes. Hello. As to my age, I was born in in 1509, and turned in 1536 – the same year Ann Boleyn was executed. And yes, it did create some brief excitement in court, but there’s always something new to divert the attention.

J: Okay. I’m assuming you were involved with court to some degree, but I refuse to humor you and ask, so on to the next question. Sharon asks: What kind of music do you like, if you listen to it of course?

S:I enjoy what you’d call classical music. Brahms, Beethoven – Chopin is not as brilliant as everyone thinks, but he’s listenable-

J: Of course you’d say that because you’re such an excellent composer yourself.

S: I am, actually. If you’re a good author perhaps someday I’ll let you hear my greatest Sonata.

J: Lucky me. In that vein, Sharon also asks: Just wondering what some of your favorite things to do are?

S: Ah, an interesting question, as tastes change as we evolve, or should. I mentioned that I used to compose, though I have not done that in a century or more. For a piece I greatly enjoyed hunting rogue vampires, and I still do it now and again when I’m bored. Travel, of course, holds much enjoyment, but travel with a purpose is even better. My latest amusement is my collection of artifacts, and it allows traveling and hunting when there is a lull. I believe our little Katelina calls it “treasure hunting”. Whatever label you want to apply, it is quite amusing, and gives one a rush of… satisfaction to acquire that which someone else was so close to. I’m not alone in this, though one of my fellows fell recently, and I’m most curious to know what became of his collection.

aod top cover

You’ll meet Sorino in Ashes of Deceit

J: Give it a rest. Dawn asks: In the pursuit of something you want is there anything you won’t do?

S: Perhaps. If so, I have not discovered it yet.

J: I’d pretend to be surprised, but I don’t see the point. Karen asks: How do you feel about love? Are you someone who thinks they love someone or do you feel love for someone?

S: Romantic love is an illusion, a fairytale told to make the idea of procreation less sinful. As for love of a more platonic type…I don’t believe it exists as many would pretend it does.

J: And along that line, Amy asks: who would you consider a true friend…someone you trust, who trusts you, without deals, bargains, blood debts, favors, etc.?

S: *Chuckles* Ah, friends. Once you’ve lived some time, you will see that a friend is only a friend when it suits them. I trust myself.

J: You don’t trust Kai?

S: *dismissive gesture* He does not have the free will to betray me. That’s not trust, but control.

J: Wow, You’re nice. Speaking of Kai, Dawn asks: Why did you save Kai and why did you keep him?

S: That is an interesting question. I keep him because he is convenient if nothing else. He is human and so does not suffer from some of my more unfortunate limitations, though thanks to the blood he has ingested he is not as weak as other humans. As to why I saved him…I’ve asked myself that question many times. I suppose because he was there.

J: Uh-huh. You know you feel some affection for him, no matter what you pretend.

S: I did not deny it. Do you not have affection for your cats? Your dog?

J: He’s not a pet. And speaking of that, Amy asks: do you ever plan to let your human free?

S: He has no desire to be freed.


you can read Kai’s interview

J: Dawn wants to know:  Are you going to change Kai?

S: It is something I’ve considered, but he isn’t old enough yet. When he is we’ll see what happens.

J: Yes, yes we will. Gwahahahaha! Ahem. Moving on. Amy asks: What do you think of Verchiel? Is he up to something?

S: *chuckles* Ah! Poor Verchiel, much maligned and often misunderstood. I’m a mind reader, who can see his chaotic thoughts, so to tell you what I know would really be unfair, wouldn’t it? *looks amused* I will say that I’m not sure he knows what he is up to.

J: I believe that. And the final question comes from Angela: If an evil genie offered you three wishes, would you take them and what would you do with them?

S: A most amusing question. One assumes the genie must grant any wish, correct? If so, my first wish would, of course, be that the genie became my slave and from that moment on followed my every order and granted my every wish. From there we would sweep the globe and then we’d see what became of my collection! Ha ha!

J: Only you would want to enslave the genie. And with that we are out of questions! A huge thanks to everyone who provided questions, and who stopped in to read. Please check out the post where you can leave a question for Jamie.

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  2. Dawn muuss

     /  July 17, 2016

    He is a total ass but I kind of like when he is in the story

  3. alicia

     /  July 20, 2016

    Thanks for sharing and talking

  4. Jennifer Gruenberg

     /  July 23, 2016

    Another great interview!! I love the insight we get into your characters through these interviews.

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