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Hello! And welcome to the weekend Amaranthine interviews where YOU ask the questions!

In honor of the new book, I’m going to give everyone else some time off and conduct these interviews myself. See what a good author I am?

36-JamieJo: Today we have Jamie! Hello Jamie! It looks like your fangirl has left a LOT of questions, so let’s dive right in. Bonnie asks: What was your last name?

Jamie: Fan girl? And as for my last name, when? I’ve gone through several. My current Guild issued ID says it is Jamie Wolfsfeld.

Jo: I think she meant before you were turned, but never mind. Bonnie also asks: Were you angry when you got well and found out your sister had turned you?

J: I didn’t have time to be angry over that. It was nearly in the same breath that she told me my father had been murdered, my wife was dead, and that my brother-in-law had allowed it to happen.

Jo: Okay, we’re treading dangerous ground. Moving on, Dawn asks: How did you become an Executioner and do you like the job?

J: It was 1715, during what you’d call the Yamassee Indian Wars-

Jo: No, no. They don’t say ‘Indian’ anymore.

J: Um… all right. As I was saying it was during the Yamassee…what?

Jo: Just Yamassee Wars, so Wikipedia says.

J: All right. The Yamassee Wars. We were on the – well, we were not on the British side. I assume we still call them British?

Jo: Oh yeah. Who is we?

J: My friend, Wapi. Anyway, though we were not on the British side, we were wary of getting involved on the…other side. Isn’t it Native American’s now? Anyway, we didn’t need to – they had vampires of their own, already. Word of the fight and the involvement of vampires made its way to Malick, and he sent Jorick and Ark. Wapi and I had the same whisperer abilities as the others – Malick was only recruiting Executioners with those abilities at the time. In the end I joined them, and Wapi did not.

Jo: Fair enough. Alicia asks: Why do you love this job?

J: I don’t know that I’d say love…It gives me a chance to do things and go places…truthfully I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t an Executioner.

Jo: Opinionated Man asks: What are the health benefits of being an executioner? Holidays?

J: *Laughs* The health benefit are that you rarely find yourself on the wrong side of the law, and since punishment is often death, being on the right side of it is good. The Holidays aren’t very good, though.

tob top cover

You’ll meet Jamie in Ties of Blood

Jo: Dawn asks: Do you Wish Jorick would have stayed on as an Executioner?

J: No, I think it’s just as well that he left. The job eventually wears on the mind, and Jorick started in a bloodier time, when there were fewer rules and more killing. I imagine that weighs heavier than the deeds we do today, but even those are enough.

Jo: Dawn also asks: What do you think of Jorick?

J: As in, what do I think of his personality, or his gifts, or the way he handles things? I believe he overreacts sometimes, but then don’t we all.

Jo: I think she had more in mind the same thing Jennifer asked: Do you consider Jorick a friend or just an ally you get along with?

J: I’d call him a friend. I was the best man at his wedding, after all.

Jo: And speaking of weddings and significant others, Jennifer asks: What is your opinion of Katelina?

J: She seems…fine. I can’t claim to know her, though she seems a more appropriate mate than the last. Not that I knew her well either.

Jo: Dawn asks: Do you think Katelina is good for Jorick?

J: Yes, I think he needed something to pull him out of the self-imposed funk he was in after Velnya. Though perhaps Oren’s war was already doing that to some degree. Had he really wanted to hide and mourn, he’d have never left his den at all.

Jo: That’s a valid point. Bonnie also wants to know: What are your hobbies?

J: I have a strange suspicion that she’s the fan girl you mentioned. As for my hobbies, I enjoy reading, though not as much as Jorick. I once wrote poetry but I haven’t done that in a long time. Hunting used to be quite enjoyable – I traded skins for awhile before I joined the Executioners. Um..I enjoy playing the piano. Is that enough?

Jo: That will do. Bonnie also asked: Do you play video games or get on social media?

J: No, I haven’t made the move to video games, and social media is a confused mess. I do enjoy strategy games on paper however, with dice and such. Though new ones are hard to come by.

Jo: Amy asked: What’s your favorite color?

J: Deep green.

Jo: Good choice. Sharon wants to know: If you could do anything at all, what would it be?

J: Besides killing my brother-in-law? I suppose that’s a bad answer, but it’s the first thing that leaps to mind.

Jo: You should let it go and pick something better.

J: Fine. A magic portal to another realm would be interesting.

Jo: Ha ha! Now your nerd is showing. Bonnie asks:  I know you collect crystal but do you fiddle with other things like the occult or astrology?

J: I have done horoscopes, if that’s what you mean. Tarot is an amusing diversion, but I don’t believe in the results, or in runes.

Jo: Another question from Bonnie: What sort of books do you read?

J: Fantasy novels are my favorite.

Jo: No vampire books? Alright, Sharon asks: Where was the last place you went on vacation, if ever?

J: Canada. Not for the ball, but several years ago I went for two weeks and camped in a deserted area. It was…peaceful.

Jo: And probably reminded you of your fur trader days. Moving on, Bonnie asks: What do you think of modern women?

J: I…um…modern women in general? I really don’t know enough of them to comment, and what age group do you consider modern.

Jo: Bonnie also asks: Do you tend towards long relationships or do you prefer hit and runs?

J: I…good grief. I guess longer relationships would be my answer.

Jo: I did mention fan girling, remember? And on a less fan girl note, Sharon asks: What are your dreams?

J: Erm, as in my dreams at night? Last night-

Jo: I think she meant the future, but never mind. This is running long. Our last question comes from Amy: What is your deepest, darkest secret? (I promise I won’t tell! )

J: I don’t…erm…I mean…I-I don’t have any…um…Uh…

Jo: I didn’t think you’d answer it, either, but it was worth a shot. And with that, we’re out of questions. Thanks to everyone who left a question, and to everyone who stopped in to read. Be sure to check out the post where you can leave a question for Katelina’s mother.


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  1. Reblogged this on Readsalot.

  2. Jamie, it seems that you lead a very exciting life!

  3. He’s kinda adorable. 😊

  4. Amy

     /  July 27, 2016

    Jamie, I promised I wouldn’t tell!

  5. panda1970

     /  July 28, 2016

    This was an interesting interview with Jamie! I agree when he said that Bonnie was the fan girl. LOL! By the way, this is my first interview that I read.

  6. Dawn Muuss

     /  July 29, 2016

    I like Jamie. I hope he is in the next book. He is a good friend for Jorick.

  7. lol, enjoyed this one.

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