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Hello! And welcome to the weekend Amaranthine interviews where YOU ask the questions!

In honor of the new book, I’m going to give everyone else some time off and conduct these interviews myself. See what a good author I am?

Jo: Okay, this is late because I went ghost hunting at Malvern Manor on Saturday (bad author) but it was awesome, and I don’t thing Patricia minds… Anyway, let’s say hi to Katelina’s mom and dive right in! JJ asks: What is your favorite memory of Katelina as a baby?

Patricia: You weren’t joking about diving right in! I have a lot of favorite memories, but the sweetest was the way she would fall asleep on her father’s lap. I’d rock her, walk her, sing to her, everything, and finally he would get up, lay her across his lap, and she’d just drop off to sleep.

J: That sounds more annoying than sweet.

P: But it was sweet to see them together. And of course, I took the opportunity to run to bed before she woke up again.

J: I can see that. Teresa asks: What was Katelina’s temperament like as she was growing up? Was she a wild child?

Log top cover

You’ll meet Patricia in Legacy of Ghosts

P: Ha ha! Far from it. Katelina was…cautious? Oh, let’s be honest, she was a bit boring. She didn’t sneak out, or lie about where she was, or any of the normal things. I think some of that was because her best friend wasn’t available to sneak out with, what with Sarah’s family life and all. And then when they got to be teenagers Sarah moved out of her parents’ house and in with us for a while. That’s not to say Katelina didn’t get into any trouble. It was mostly her temper – she’d get into fights with some of the other girls when they pushed her too far, but I say good for her.

J: Boring. That seems right. Dawn asks: Do you think Katelina makes good life decisions?

P: Is she here? No? In that case no, no I don’t. Remember I said she was boring? She’s made up for that since. I haven’t liked any of the boys she’s dated since she graduated. Though I suppose they’re men, now. She seems to be attracted to jobless, drifting bums, who only have their looks going for them. I didn’t say anything to her, but when she was seeing Patrick, I knew, and I knew all about who he was, and his family, and all of that. This Jorick… well, anyway.

J: We’ll get to that. Until then, Sharon asks: What was your dream for her?

P: I wanted her to get married to a nice, stable, rich man who worshiped her, treated her like a princess, and gave her everything she wanted. I suppose that’s old fashioned in this day and age of woman power, but truth be told Katelina didn’t have a career in mind. If she had, then I’d have wanted her to follow that, but since she didn’t, I hoped she marry someone rich so she’d have the leisure time to float around and find something to be passionate about.

J: Oh, she’s got time *cough* Alicia asks: Do you notice something strange about Katelina?

P: She’s been strange for years! Ha ha! All right, honestly, she and Sarah…it’s all strange. And this Jorick. She said he was a friend of Patrick’s, but was he? We couldn’t find any proof he even existed – and why run away with him? And what about Sarah’s disappearance – and reappearance. It’s all strange!

J: There is that. Bridget asks: Have you ever believed the answers Katelina gives for being gone sooooo much?

P: Absolutely not! Jorick’s “work”? Ha! And all of that about being overseas? I just don’t know. Travel is so expensive, and I’m pretty sure he’s really a hippy, so how could they afford it? But she did send me a package from Russia…But there are ways around that. Mail it to someone in Russia, then have them mail it for you. She could have gotten someone online to do that. It’s all very confusing, and I’m worried that she’s gotten into something dangerous, especially if Jorick *really* knew Patrick.


this looks a lot like Patricia’s living room shelves – (photo by Eirik Newth CC license) 

J: Oh, Patrick wasn’t *that* bad. A bit immature, but… anyway, Bonnie asks: Wouldn’t you love to pinch Katelina’s head off for all the worry she put you through?

P: Good heavens! Not pinch her head off, but give her a good spanking!

J: *snicker* Sharon asks: What changes would you like to see Katelina make in her life, if any?

P: For starters, I’d like to see her be honest with me, and then get out of whatever she’s gotten into with Jorick. I mean, it may be criminal! Is she thinking about her future at all?

J: And on that topic, Dawn asks: What do you think of Jorick?

P: I think he’s up to something. There’s certainly more to him than meets the eye. Yes, he’s attractive, I’ll admit that, and he’s been polite the few times I’ve seen him, except he won’t eat my food. I find that a little rude. As if my cooking isn’t good enough? Though I suppose if he’s a hippy maybe he’s allergic to gluten or whatever it is these days.

J: Um, that might me. Amy wants to know: What do you think of vampires?

P: Vampires? As in suck your blood, sleep in a coffin, Dracul-type creatures? Oh, I suppose they’re all right for a horror movie now and then. We used to watch them at the drive in, before they tore it down. They had double features of older horror movies-

J: I’m gonna cut you off there. Amanda asks: Do you like that Katelina is hanging out with vampires?

P: What? What do you mean-

J:Nothing. It’s a figure of speech. Bonne wants to know: How do you feel when Katelina points out Brad was her best friend’s boyfriend?

P: Very annoyed. I don’t point out who Jorick used to date. Not that I know. I don’t know anything about him. Seriously, what did she mean about vampires?

J: Steve asks: What do you see in your toy boy? Is it just sex, or does he have something else, like money, knowledge, or charm? Aren’t you bored with him?

P: *laughs* Brad? A toy boy? I like that! Of course he has charm, and knowledge – especially about the first thing you mentioned – and he’s very sweet and thoughtful, but most of all I have fun with him. We like many of the same things, despite what Katelina thinks, and at the same time we like different things. He’s willing to introduce me to the things he loves, and he’s also willing to learn about the things I love. I think that’s important in a relationship.

J: Well, it is…Dawn asks: Are you happy with your life?

P: Oh yes.

J: Bonnie wants to know: Would you ever be interested in immortality?

P: Hmmmm. I’d never given it much thought. I don’t know. It would probably depend on the stipulations.

J: Uh-huh. Amy asks: If you had the opportunity to become a vampire, would you do it?

P: A vampire? What’s with all of these vampire questions? Good grief!

J: Never mind, never mind. And here’s the last question, also from Amy: What is your plan for your future?

P: Right now we’re working on renovating the house. Nothing big, no walls are coming down, but it’s still a makeover. When that’s finished, we’ve discussed doing the backyard – a proper patio, maybe even a pool – a pool! I’ve always wanted one! Or a hot tub! I think we’re going to turn Katelina’s old room into a home gym.

J: I’m not sure she meant about the house. I think she meant in general.

P: What? Oh. Well, I’m not making plans to get remarried anytime soon, if that’s what you mean. Yes, living together is one thing, but marriage is another step. Besides, I’m sorry, I believe he has to ask first. Old fashioned or not. I’m happy in my job, so I’m not planning to quit, and I have a long time left until retirement. I have been thinking about trying to surprise Brad with a vacation, but I don’t have a definitive plan in mind yet-

J: Okay, that’s good. Thanks so much for cooperating, and thanks to everyone who left questions! Be sure to check out the post where you can leave questions for the very last interviewee, Troy.

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  1. Good interview but I should’ve asked what job she has. I just always assumed hubby left her with a pension or something.

  2. Reblogged this on Readsalot.

  3. Amy

     /  August 1, 2016

    I wonder what she thinks she knows regarding Patrick…👀

  4. Sharon Aldrich

     /  August 1, 2016

    If she only knew…..although maybe it’s better that she doesn’t lol

  5. sherry

     /  August 1, 2016

    Patricia where would you like to take Brad on vacation?

    • She says she has a long USA vacation planned, if they ever win the lottery, that includes Niagara, Yellowstone, and all those places.

  1. Interview with Troy | Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

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