Book Review: Ashes of Deceit by Joleene Naylor

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In this fourth installment in the Amaranthine series, it is the holidays. Yes, Katelina is lucky enough to know the joys of Season’s Greetings with vampires. Its like The Nightmare Before Christmas, but with more blood.

One bit of imagery that Joleene treats her readers to, is how vampires punish a traitor of their own kind. I’ve heard of drawn and quartered before, but at least the victim of that torture gets to keep their jaw intact! Seriously gross! But in a Merry Christmas kind of way…

Ah, but Ashes of Deceit wouldn’t be complete without another trip to the Citadel. Malick is all charm as he flexes his ancient vampire muscles to show off how much more powerful he is than all his subordinates. Using Katelina as leverage, Malick forces Jorick to rejoin the Executioners as his punishment? What?

But that’s not all, folks. What Amaranthine book would…

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